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How hard will it be to give up smoking?

I have been a casual smoker since about February this year (im 17 if that makes any difference). I enjoyed the buzz and relaxation for a bit, especially as i was at a bad point in my life,and my smoking peaked at about 2-3 ciggs a day perhaps 2 months ago. Since then, my circumstances have improved dramatically, and my smoking has decreased to about 1 a day.

Since then, iv found I no longer have the same kind of buzz, and I am worried that I will get addicted (i feel no signs of addiction, and if i don’t have a cigarette for a few days i dont feel any compulsion to pick up another one.) Obviously i feel that now i can say iv tried smoking, and dont want to continue, I want to give up. I have a packet of cigarettes that has 4 left in them, and have decided that when they are gone, I will not buy another (i may still occasionally indulge if someone offers me one, but im hardly concerned about the health risks of one a month or so.)

Basically my question is, how hard will it be to quit, given that I dont smoke alot anyway. If i do experience any desire to continue, what are the best ways of curbing any cravings i may experience?
Thanks in advance

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2 Responses to “How hard will it be to give up smoking?”

  1. I'd love to love you baby said :

    I started smoking when I was 19 and I’m 27 now. I only quit recently after having tried hundreds of time.

    Smoking is addicting. But how addicted you get will also depend on your personnality. It’s extremely hard for some people and extremely easy for others.

    It won’t be hard if you don’t think about it :). But be very specific about wanting to quit. Otherwise you won’t!

    At 1 cigarette a day, you shouldn’t be too affected or feel any side effects.

  2. serge.mirotvoretse said :


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