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why is it so hard to give up smoking?

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4 Responses to “why is it so hard to give up smoking?”

  1. Brittney C said :

    When you smoke, your body gets addicted to the nicotene and craves more and more of it. Thats why a lot of quit smoking things have nicotene. Quitting is good though!

  2. MICHAEL R said :

    Nicotine goes to the same pleasure sensor areas of the brain that are affected by heroin. These areas set up powerful cravings. Use the force Luke and you can break free. I did.

  3. allison s said :

    Your brain is so used to having nicotene that it jsut needs more and MORE

  4. catoesdeedee said :

    Addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I smoked for fifty years
    and I quit. I got scared. Pure and simple. It
    was quit or quit breathing. Still, it was not
    easy but I’m asking you to quit NOW. Get
    some help, there is plenty of help out there.
    Once your lungs get hard [enphazyma] there
    is no reversal, you just have to live with it but
    at least you are living. DO IT NOW.
    PS: I don’t know how to spell [enphazyma] but
    you know what I’m talking about.


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