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I’m going to give up smoking cigarettes…cold turkey…?

Any suggestions you can offer me? I have done it before when I was pregnant but started right back when they were born. Just accepting advice from everyone. Thanks in advance!
My worry is I will gain wieght. I just lost 50 pounds on a natural, self disciplined diet and would hate to gain it back. I know I can do it, I just worry about gaining!

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15 Responses to “I’m going to give up smoking cigarettes…cold turkey…?”

  1. boat said :

    Its an addiction that is hard, you need to have something else to replace, grab like tooth picks my husband does the cinnamon ones.

  2. Foo said :

    I’ve gone for one week as of today. I used the patches, they really do work!

  3. JustMe said :

    Good luck! I hope you can do it. My friend quit using the patch…but any way you quit is a bonus!

  4. warlands said :

    Only go cold turkey if you have phenomenal self-discipline as it’s extremely hard. The best thing is to start exercizing. You’ll find yourself getting winded easy but as you keep doing it you’ll start to like it and want to just live more healthily. Chemically the patch works really well.

  5. True Lady said :

    Just do it. I have. I went to Sea World the day after i quit and it kept my mind off of smoking. Anything you can do to keep ypur mind off of it. Just get rid of the packs and dont be around any friends or family who smokes for about 3 days. It just takes a little time. You can do it. Good luck!!!!

  6. Tom H said :

    Do it for you and your kids, I grew up with a father that smoked in the house and I never knew how much I smelled to other people until I was on my own and came back by to visit. also all of us had more than our share of coughs and colds.

  7. Nikki said :

    I quit about 4 months ago after smoking for 11 years-First set a date to quit and TELL EVERYONE! This way, if you try to cheat, you will feel more guilty and everyone will catch you. Next, try to get out of your environment as much as possible-find what triggers your urges and do what you can to change those events. Lastly-count all the milestones (1 hour, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, etc.) This way, if you cheat, you have to start all over again. Tell everyone about your progress so that you can reap your kudos! You deserve them! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  8. turtle girl said :

    Take some time off work, use the patch, throw away all matches,ashtrays, supplies. Every time you seriously want a cig, it’ll cost you a half hour walk, this will help you lose weight instead of gain. Regularly reward yourself with non food rewards, manicures, facials, pedicures, car detailing, for not smoking….good luck

  9. milliken51 said :

    Im going through same thing, i guess i have intrinsic motivation, i am starting training program to get in shape for summer because I am leading wilderness trips. It has been about two weeks, and after first 5 days its not so bad, everytime i want to smoke i go work out or run…

  10. dead_shadow24 said :

    subitute it with something else like candy or workouts or something like jolly ranchers are a favortie.

  11. lifehelper1 said :


  12. cookie said :

    I carried sucker sticks all the time, I had to have something to hold in my fingers, weird I know, but it worked. I quit for 2yrs, but I am back smoking again, I am going to try again. good luck.

  13. chchchillyalaskan said :

    This is how I quit cold turkey. First, I REALLY wanted to.
    So everytime I wanted to light up I ate a piece of black licorice first. THEN I lit up right after. Made the cig taste really nasty. I only took one or two drags from it, then put it out. I made that one cig last all day. It was SSSSOOOOOOOOOO gross tasting by the time I was done with it I didn’t want any more. Hope this helps. I haven’t smoked since.

  14. lainey lain said :

    Congratulations, find something to do with your hands; i/e crossword puzzle, answer yahoo questions haha. Keep a jar of sugarless candies around and other low caloric snacks. Start a project, something that you have wanted to do. In other words keep your mind and your hands occupied. Also start a exercise program if you don,t have one already and reward yourself with all that money you’ll be saving! Good Luck!!!

  15. Unknown said :

    Yes go cold turkey. I have seen and read reports that say that people who cut down are not helping but hurting themselves. On a personal note my dad went cold turkey and chewed gum instead of smoking. He quit back in the mid 70s and has not smoked since. Once your body stops craving nicotine then you wont have any more withdrawl symptoms. What you will miss is the habit such as having something in your mouth. So chew gum when you get a craving, or have a breath mint. In addition you should quit cold turkey before pulmonary infarction occurs, if it has not already. That means death of your lung (aka parts of lung turning black). If you quit smoking before any serious damage sets in then your lungs will improve very quickly and you will reduce risk of cancer and/or suffering breathing problems later. Also try to hang out with people who do not smoke so you wont be tempted to go back.


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