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Iam 14 yrs old and i want to learn to play guitar is it too late to learn?

I have no experiance with any instrument at all. But i really want to learn. Is it too late to learn?

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8 Responses to “Iam 14 yrs old and i want to learn to play guitar is it too late to learn?”

  1. Alex said:

    No…anyone can learn their passion at any age.As long as you enjoy it,that’s what counts.

  2. Eve said:

    Its never too late to learn, i mean didn’t Madonna learn to play at 100 or whatever her age is (Ha!)

  3. Lyric J said:

    hahahahah yeah right. I started when I was 13 and now I am 14 and in 1 year I can already play any song I want. Trust me. You can do anything.

  4. gogogetm said:

    It is not too late, but it will take much dedication and time with studying and practice, even when you don’t feel like doing it. It will not happen quickly, Your fingers will get really sore and maybe even blistered at the tips, then caloused. At age 14, you will have to be sure you are willing to give up many things to focus on it if you really want to be good.

  5. dear prudence said:

    nope go for it

  6. xWi11yxW0nk4x said:

    You have to have musical experience to pick up an instrument. I play many instruments and I sing so i should know. But, dedication and persistence is as must! By age 16 I’m pretty sure u could be playing all the radio songs u wanted ^-^ It’s ok though. ur not alone. I want to pick up guitar also, i’m 14, and i have tons of questions myself.

  7. baxterville said:

    At 14, you’re actually at a great age to start playing guitar. Lots of people who start when they’re little find it difficult to form chords, since their hands are too small for the neck of the guitar, and they wind up quitting and concluding that it’s just too hard. But at 14, your hands are a much better match to a guitar. Plus, you’re old enough to know that you’re genuinely interested in learning.

    I’d recommend that you start out with a guitar that has a really thin neck and low action (strings close to the fretboard), since those things will make it much easier to learn. I’m female and happen to have small hands, so I’ve always played thin-necked guitars and find many brands — including a lot of high-end ones — physically impossible to play. If you go to a guitar store and test drive a bunch of different guitars, chances are you’ll find that some just feel more comfortable and natural to you than others.

    Ibanez and Jasmine by Takamine guitars are very user-friendly for beginners and people with small hands. I’d avoid Epiphone if I were you. They’re great guitars and all, but the necks tend to be really chunky, which can make them challenging to play. Here are a few links to guitars that have thin necks and low action:

    I didn’t start playing guitar until I was in college, but by the time I was 22, I was playing with bands and having the time of my life. As long as you’re committed, you can learn an instrument at any age. And once you know the basics, the learning becomes instinctive and you’ll improve whether you try to or not! Good luck and enjoy your new guitar!

  8. konieisland said:

    Not at all. I started when I was 15. There are lots of beginner books/magazines out there out there, but I suggest if you can afford it to find a good guitar teacher. Have a look for a good beginner guitar or see if your school has one you can use to see what “feel” your getting.

    You don’t practice guitar, you play it.

    Rock out.


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