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Can you Learn to play guitar without having lessons?

I really want to start making up songs and i guess the easiest way is to play the guitar but i cant really be bothered to have lessons is there any other way of learning ???

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9 Responses to “Can you Learn to play guitar without having lessons?”


    Many people have taught themselves to play the guitar. Whether YOU can do it or not is another question, especially since you “can’t be bothered” to take lessons. That implies that you aren’t much interested in learning. It takes more determination and effort to learn on your own than to learn from a good teacher. So you decide.

  2. Oscar S said :

    guitar tableture, type it into google, use it to learn some songs nd after a few weeks youl be goot to go. its better than getting a teacher anyway. its how i did it

  3. gtarczar said :

    the hard way; try to learn on your own with web sites, etc.
    the easy way; take lessons from a qualified instructor for a few months.

  4. Chuckc said :

    Yes you can learn without lessons. You need to get a chord book and practice on learning the fingerings. Lessons are good to understand keys and progressions but if you have a good enough ear you can pick it up over time. Additionally, , be prepared to experience some pain in your fingers until you have built up callouses. Most guitar players never had a lesson in their life, so go for it.

  5. Kalie Anne♥ said :

    Well, I play guitar without lessons. I learned to play piano, cello, and guitar without lessons. I just need to practice on reading notes for guitar and piano.
    it’ll just take a little more time to learn since you dont have lessons but im sure if you determined enough and if you take the time to learn it, you can get it.

  6. i graduate 6/6/09 ♥ said :

    Absolutely, I did and a lot of my friends did. I just went out and bought a guitar and a couple of method/learning books. I would google things such as how to tune it (there are also online guitar tuners), how to read tabs/notes and anything else I needed. Also, there are people on who take the time to post guitar tutorial videos so watching those were pretty good. From there, I would pick up Guitar World magazine because they come with DVDs and intstructional booklets. After a while I started hanging around people at my school that played guitar, so I was getting a few tips and pointers from them. It just takes time and patience, and you should be fine. Best of luck to you♥

  7. P-dizzle said :

    Nope guitar is not the easiest way to write music, piano is. You have all the notes present while on guitar they’re pretty much all over the place.
    Yes you can write a song guitar but it is much harder, learn some chords on the piano and you’ll be on your way.

  8. ladydreamer254 said :

    Yeah, you can learn on your own…if you have a VALID reason to do so. The “I can’t really be bothered with lessons” excuse is BS (as well as “I don’t want to take lessons”). If you can’t be “bothered with lessons,” then how can you put time aside for guitar and learning on your own? That’s a much more daunting task than going to a half hour lesson once a week and having someone else teach you and find things for you.

    It makes your life easier, plus, it’s more fun having someone to interact with.

    But it’s your decision.

  9. sdheeren said :

    You want to write your own music? Well if you want to write music for guitars I assume you’ll have to learn to play.

    There’s lots of different ways of learning the guitar. You can teach yourself with books, DVD’s or CD’s. There are private tutors which i don’t recommend for you because you said you don’t want to be bothered. Or you can take online lessons which are cheap and you can take at your own pace.

    This website will teach you how to write your own music

    Lots of other cool things too that can do nothing but help you along to becoming a better song writer.


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