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I want to learn to play guitar without paying for lessons.?

So is there a site that has videos that could teach me?

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5 Responses to “I want to learn to play guitar without paying for lessons.?”

  1. Regina Solice said :

    sorry dude that’s not the way life works!

  2. Bryan said :

    You can google search videos.
    What I recommend is looking up chord charts online and start learning a few of those. Try putting some together for a simple song, there are websites that have the chords a song needs. After that, you can try to learn how to read tablature, there are lots of guitar tab websites out there.

    If you have a friend that plays, have him/her show you some stuff.

  3. derived said :

    im not exactly sure what the names of the websites are but you could get a chord book but they’re a little more complex.

  4. lexo80 said :

    Do what I did. Get a guitar, get a book that tells you where to put your fingers, listen to the music you want to play and keep practicing until you sound like the music you love. Then, if you’re any good, you can start trying to sound like yourself.

    You don’t need to take lessons. You will eventually need to play with other people, but that can come later.

  5. chessmaster1018 said :

    There are a few, I’m not crazy about them, they are not very complete….but here are a few, you’ve heard that expression, you get what you pay for well, these may be alright to get you started but, after that I’d look into getting something better !!!!
    Youtube also has some free lessons, so I’ve heard, I haven’t checked them out, well I wish you luck with these, I hope that you can find something that will get you started, bye !!!!!!!!!


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