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Is it too late for me to learn guitar?

I’m 19, and can play the drums decently but I want to learn guitar.

Not necessarily to play in a band but just to be able to play to entertain myself.

Is it too late for me and if not, where should I begin?

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15 Responses to “Is it too late for me to learn guitar?”

  1. Nick F said:

    its never too late to learn something new. get a begginers book from a music store and a guitar and your good to go

  2. John K said:

    It’s not to late, start at the beginning

  3. Bubblepop x] said:

    If you work hard and genuinely want to learn. well with effort, time and practice.
    Of course!

  4. thats me said:

    no its not too late! do what you like you are still young! start by getting a guitar and getting lessons!

  5. Ash said:

    It’s never to late to learn another instrument. I say, go for it!

    I would suggest you find a friend who knows how to play or look online for basic guitar tabs and scales. YouTube might have tutorials on how to play so you have more of a visual aid. I’m learning piano that way!

    Good luck!

  6. Emily E said:

    im 19 and i wanna be good. i know like 5 chords from lessons when i was 16. i think theres still hope for us.. i hope!

  7. ripper said:

    It’s never too late. Buy a beginners book. Walmart sells first act books for guitar. That will get you on the right path.

  8. Pocket Protectorate said:

    I started at 18, and played in many rock bands over the years…

    If you pick up the guitar every day for a year…you’ll be ready for the gig…the trick is to pick it up every day, though, because if you don’t, you end up “relearning” things repeatedly, and that’s what slows the advance of your ability to get good fast…

    Although I wish I had learned at age 10, so I’d coulda’ replaced Korn’s guitaritst when he quit and turned Jesus…what a waste…

  9. Shekhinah said:

    If you were 85 I’d tell you it’s never too late to learn something new. Unless you were really 85 and wanted to learn but your hands were crippled by arthritis, of course. Then I’d say learn something else, lol. Other than that, go for it!!

  10. m320753 said:

    no it’s not too late i would begin by getting a guitar see if you can play along with a song. it shouldn’t be hard for you because you got the beat down in the drums. if need be sign up for a lesson or two or get a friend who knows the guitar and jam with him .

  11. MaiSteven said:

    Never too late, bro.

  12. Destiny B said:

    When I first saw your question, I thought you were going to be around 40 or 50. You’re only 19 and young enough to learn anything you desire to learn. Even if you were much older I would strongly encourage you to continue to grow in any area that you find fun and fulfilling. Go for it!

  13. Nooneyouknow said:

    Of course not. You already have some musical background, so learning a new instrument should be a “not that hard of a thing” to do. My dd is in band and has been playing for 5 years and in all that time I’ve seen kids start playing one instrument and then pick up several others along the way. Sometimes city run community parks and recreation centers have guitar classes. If not just get yourself a guitar and get at it. Practice, practice, practice. Some of my dd friends have taught themselves how to play their guitars (some electric some acoustic) at home all by themselves. Good luck–don’t give up and post yourself on YOU TUBE when you get better–also you might go to YOU TUBE and see other musicians including guitarists for inspiration or to get advice.

  14. Ellaine said:

    No, it’s not too late for you to play guitar because everyone can learn/play anytime and playing guitar is never too late for beginners. At these times, there are people who will also start playing guitars in their age, which sooner they will come to learn how to play and become skilled guitarists. Cause whatever you know, as you see, guitars can be in entertainment for some people so if you think it’s too late, then it’s not as well… But I know that it takes some time or more years to learn depending on your difficulty and learning level on it.

    Since if time is involved into this question, then I must say that if you have time to practice, you can figure it out on your own. You can take up the guitar classes, or have someone to teach you. But I think that if you practice, then you can learn it out on your own. Though some study guides like guitar books and others will help. If you don’t have time to do this, find time for you to do it, and so you can try to achieve. If there is a difficulty for you not being able to understand, you can ask someone else.

    If you have encountered anything that shows guitar chords, or other techniques, try to discover something about them! I know that the guitars, like other instruments, have so many lessons that require a lot of time for the people to learn over so long… However, I can state to you that if you have the: time to practice, ability to understand, and effort to learn, then you can as well know how to play the guitar in a middle period of time, so it won’t be that too long for you to learn in the future. Like what if the person learns guitar at age 37 when he/she began at age 14 and still plays until the old age? That person may want to play it in his/her youth, right? Such sadness, I will put my answer into crystal-clear explanations. It is already answered above.

    Practice makes perfect, remember that, but even if you say that you already know, this is my reminder for you. A person wanting to play it in a youth for lifetime until old age will hope to learn quickly soon and start to get entertained at a later age before the middle age.

    So I hope that this helps, and sooner you will be able to learn how to play the guitar in your 20s. 🙂 ^_^

    I’m a novice still in training and practice, but I will soon achieve one of my goals. 😉 No matter how hard you try, you can try again until you succeed! 😀

  15. CooBees' said:

    There’s never gonna be too late to learn,
    just ask your friend to teach you 🙂 That’s the best i think
    keep your spirits up!! YEAAAH!!!


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