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Is there an on screen guitar I could learn to play guitar with?

I wanted to learn to play the acoustic guitar but I don’t have one & I wanted to practice or just learn the keys before I buy one. Is there a program I could use like garageband 09 that’s free and a good tutorial with a onscreen guitar?

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4 Responses to “Is there an on screen guitar I could learn to play guitar with?”

  1. Jones B said :

    nope…gotta buy one just like every rock n roll star had to

  2. ChillinLife said :

    naaa … gh DS lol

  3. kiarasmithers said :

    you tube tutorials

  4. The Speaker Reaper said :

    i think the best way is to discover your natural feel for the guitar on your own once you manage to get hold of one.. youtube videos and tabs are really handy (you should learn some of your favourite songs), tho a good way to get a basic feel is put on a CD or MP3 of a simple tune you like & just play around for a while to discover what notes fit & what don’t.

    you should learn the major and minor pentatonic scales here -they’re easy, you can use the same shapes anywhere on the neck (depending on the song) and one or the other will work with most of the music you’re likely to play. the pentatonic scales are good starting points in working out the secret language of the guitar 🙂


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