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what are you cooking for christmas?

What dish is everyone cooking for christmas this year? Anything special? or the usual?

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9 Responses to “what are you cooking for christmas?”

  1. Jill J said :

    My sister-in-law is hosting, but asked me to bring my sweet potato casserole(usual), green bean casserole(usual) and grape salad. (new since last year.) I will also probably make gooney bird pie, which is like a pecan crust, butterscotch, cream cheese mixture since my hubby has complained that I haven’t made it lately. Merry Christmas!

  2. wmayers99 said :

    Ham and sweet potatoes, green beans, biscuits and a light dessert. Might add cole slaw…

  3. sleepy girl said :

    ham and yams corn and apple pie the usual christmas dinner this year

  4. Asia said :

    my mom does always the usual stuff for christmas eve & christmas:
    the 24th: smoked salmon, shrimps in cocktail sauce, crab salad, pasta with seafood, some fish- depends on what she “feels” as the best the day before- and obviously chocolate cake
    the 25th: we are having the usual tortellini in brodo and not much more since we won’t be hungry… probably the leftover cake

  5. Adam A said :

    As I am going to be at work everyday from tomorrow until the 28th, I will not be cooking anything at my place, where I live by myself and I live 5000km away from my family. I will more than likely not have a Christmas dinner since I work at a big hotel and will be sick of cooking and seeing anything food related. The menu at the hotel will more than likely be the classics, with a few twists.

  6. Cassie o said :

    We usually have a turkey its kinda like thanksgiving but everyones sick of turkey so i think were gonna have somthing diffrent this year maybe ham.We live in canada so thanksgiving isnt in the same month lol cause that would be alot of turkey.

  7. chefgrille said :

    I’m doing a beer and brown sugar glazed ham (usual), garlic cream cheese mashed potatoes (usual), bacon gravy (usual), stuffing/dressing (usual), but I’m thinking of getting asparagus and serving it with hollandaise (different) and picking up some crab legs at the store as a Christmas surprise to my hubby. I have just enough of my gift budget leftover to buy a couple pounds and hide them in the deep freeze until Christmas Day. 🙂

  8. cruisepuppy7452a said :

    We sometimes have roasted duck, or turkey, a baked ham or all three. Christmas eve its a buffet with ham, turkey, rolls to make sandwiches, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, olives, an antipasto platter, cheeses, crackers, french bread, lots of cookies, etc. Coffee and hot tea.

  9. SumBuddy said :

    Someone in the household had major surgery just before Thanksgiving, so we’ll be having Thanksgiving food for Christmas: turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes & gravy, something green, yeast rolls and some sort of pie. (maybe shoofly pie)


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