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When are you too old to learn guitar ?

I’ve been wanting to learn guitar since forever . I love all kinds of music with guitar (rock , flamenco , country ,blues etc) So I bought a guitar when I was 20 and I learned chords then I just left it sitting there all this time . Now I’m 32 , I pick it up every day and I enjoy it each time I learn something new (I use guitarpro 5)
So is that pathetic ?
I’m I past the time when one should enjoy such things ?

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14 Responses to “When are you too old to learn guitar ?”

  1. Cash Money said :

    your never to old……

  2. justme24202 said :

    You are never to old to learn anything
    GO FOR IT.

  3. Thanny said :

    Is never too late to learn stuff.

  4. funnyguy said :

    you are never to old

  5. l.jarv said :

    When you’re not able to hold a guitar and pick the strings, you’re too old, so maybe about 108.

  6. Edith Anne said :

    When are you too old to learn guitar ?
    When you are dead..

    Seriously though. You say you know a few chords, you enjoy picking it up and playing, you enjoy it everytime you learn something new. Why would you think this is pathetic? Is there an age limit on finding enjoyment?

  7. Rooikat said :

    I am with Cash Money and the others on this one. Never too old to learn. Do yourself a favour – visit Youtube and ask for Segovia see how old he is and he is still playing. What? you are 32 add another 40 years without arthritis (in your fingers). More than half of your life left to enjoy playing. Go for it. Playing guitar is my life and the only reason why I am not playing tonight is that I bust my high E earlier on.

  8. dirty sanchez said :

    you are never too old to do anything

  9. JT said :

    never you always can learn its good that you are

  10. Artistic Dreamer said :

    Seventy-2 lol, jk. If you want to the just go for it! It’s your choice, not ours

  11. david said :

    Your never too old to learn how to use a guitar.

  12. hot_hermione said :

    you can always teach an old dog and brand new trick as they always says.

  13. David P said :

    never, until you die

  14. Jam_Til_Impact said :

    I am not even going to look at your age.


    The only thing that might slow your progress is if you have arthritic hands and fingers.


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