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What motivation do you need to give up smoking?

What would inspire you to put it on top your New Year Resolution?

Or look at it in this way:

What benefits you get from smoking?

I had my reasons for posting in this section. (I am sending a coded meassage! You would know if it is intended for you!!)

Please answer generously. Give all the support and help you can offer.
Thanks *S*p*a*r*k*l*e*s*, sweet answer, but you are avoiding the subject:
answer the questions please if you will, thanks again. Cheers

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6 Responses to “What motivation do you need to give up smoking?”

  1. eluded one said :

    BENEFITS? well,i don’ tsmoke anymore because of health reasons (no, i don’t have any desease related to smoking,i just want to be preventive), but, well, it was a good laxative… hehehehe.

  2. *S*p*a*r*k*l*e*s* said :

    Well RR I think it’s personal to yourself let me tell you I’m a smoker incase you didn’t know it is very hard but I’m sure with a lot of support and encouragement it can be achieved!!!

    Your naughty coded message I’II speak to you in private lol

  3. Bluebell said :

    Well RR I gave up smoking 10 years ago as I knew it was bad for my health and as I was recently divorced I knew I couldn’t afford to smoke the 20 a day I was. Don’t ask me why as I don’t know but it was seeing Princess Diana’s death announced on the tv that morning and I vowed when I had finished the packet I had I would stop. And I did, never touched one since – cold turkey! You tell me what the connection was! My husband who has smoked all his life (now in 50s) gave up 3 years ago at my insistance (only been together 4 years). It took him several goes, he lapsed a few times but I caught him out. He did it with the help of the doctor’s surgery and nicotine patches. His motivation was me, the fact he already has one furred up artery, and the fact that he couldn’t afford to. There are no real benefits from smoking – just helps ease stress sometimes but most of the time it is habit. Hope this answers your question.

  4. Gartom the Grinch said :

    I gave up nearly 3 weeks ago, after 18 years of smoking.

    The motivation?
    My younger brother had a scare with throat cancer, that was it for me straight to the doctors, and touch wood haven’t looked back.
    This time I have found really easy to give up, the thing is if you aren’t a smoker you can never understand how hard it is to give up. You absolutely have to be in the right mind set to even contemplate giving up.
    For all the smokers out there, give it a go what have you got to lose by trying, the benefits to giving up are huge!

    Anyway that’s enough from me nothing worse than a reformed smoker! lol

  5. Joan R said :

    If you have children or intend to have them not damaging their health or having them think that smoking is acceptable should be motivation enough.
    It won’t help you if you are a smoker or whoever it is that you are concerned about but the best way to stop smoking is never to start.Nicotine is more addictive than heroin – when my eldest was caught smoking at school despite my warnings I caned him – and he thanks me for that today because neither he nor any of his brothers became addicted to the filthy,dangerous habit.

  6. momof3 New Year Bell. said :

    I can answer this in two ways one as an old ex smoker and second as a nurse.I will not lecture on medical side as that would make me to faced being ex smoker.

    Many people smoke for different reasons and it is like a drug well it is a drug an addiction and when trying to stop should be treated like one to using methods to help such as patches, gum or lozengers.

    I know for me I smoked under personal stress and found it a comfort, joy and also helped me get through the bad times just like a drinker with drink it was an emotional crutch.
    I never smoked in the house or around people that did not smoke I was considerate of other people but really was I ?

    I smoked so was not considerate of myself, my own health and what would happen to my girls if anything happened to me as I was for many years a single mom stuggling to cope alone hense smoking.
    Well no one told me to stop and no one can make anyone stop it has to come from the person within or they will never give up for not only right reason but also for good.

    I benefited from smoking in only one way it was just an emotional crutch that I needed during stressfull times.

    My motivation was to give myself better health so I could live longer to be there for my children. Stop smelling like an ash tray, taste my food, save money in fact popped money in jar everyday and at end of month brought myself and girls a treat cinema trip or meal out.
    Overhaul being around for my gilrs was number one.
    Not sure if you are trying to give up or if it is for someone else if someone else then that is so kind of you to worry about them and to support them as trust me they will need support it is not easy!!


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