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What will you be cooking for Christmas eve or Christmas day?

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9 Responses to “What will you be cooking for Christmas eve or Christmas day?”

  1. Soda said :

    Christmas eve will be spent baking cookies. For dinner, we’ll have homemade chicken pot pies and for Christmas day dinner, goose and all the trimmings.

  2. Cathy C said :

    on Christmas eve I’ll be making lasagna and on Christmas day I’ll be putting the aforementioned lasagna in the oven. The family took a vote. Lasagna 8 – ham 1. Guess who lost.

  3. Yellow fruit of the loom guy? said :

    Heating slices of Honey Baked Ham in the microwave, candied sweet potatoes, green beans.

    New Years’ Day – pork roast with gravy and Yorkshire pudding.

  4. Dianne G said :

    I’m going to my mom’s Christmas eve….I will be bringing the entree…something with meat…I haven’t decided what yet

  5. InspirAsian © said :

    ordering food, and eating leftovers..maybe cook eggs

  6. owlcroft said :

    Christmas Eve — Spinach-Cheese Souffle with Shoestring Potatoes
    Christmas Day — Ham/Turkey Strudel with Lemon-Sauced Limas

    Champagne with both and homemade fruitcake for dessert.

  7. Priscilla! Queen of..something.. said :

    The night of Christmas Eve I will be roasting chicken – and then serving it cold on Christmas day with: Cold Roast Pork cooked by my sister, ham supplied by mum, salads, potato salad, crusty bread rolls & maybe some coleslaw. Dessert will be some kind of icecream terrine thing, perhaps with some pistachios & turkish delight in it…

    (in case you haven’t worked it out, I’m in Australia! 🙂 Christmas in summer means cold food & swimming pools!)

  8. Holy Seeker™ In A Santa Hat! said :

    We’ll be eating at a restaurant in San Diego on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day we’re going on a dinner cruise around the harbour.

  9. Judy T said :

    Christmas eve I will make pulled pork and barbecue sauce in the crock pot. Christmas day I have no idea we will be going to my sister’s for dinner.


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