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whats the easiest way to learn guitar?

i have a electric and i would really like to know how to play it but i dont have a teacher, so whats the easiest free way to learn?

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8 Responses to “whats the easiest way to learn guitar?”


    search tabs chords and scales on the internet youtube helps alot at times once you got an idea just jam out and practice differint stuff eventually youll get it

  2. Burt_Bourbon said:

    Play Johnny Cash songs. They only use 2 or 3 chords.
    If you mean “the easiest way” because you are lazy and don’t want to practice – take up the Kazoo.

  3. James said:

    This will help!!!


  4. ღI Loveღ samiches said:

    the easiest way is to find teacher. If you arent that rich (like me), just google free guitar lessons.

    here is a good site

    edit: here is another with good tips:

  5. Miki said:

    Learn the notes on the E string up till around say the 12th fret, then start learning some pentatonic or/and blues scales. Then learn the basic power chords shape, and start playing the rhythm part of your favourite songs. Somewhere early on, try to learn how to read guitar tabs.

    You can get tabs of many songs from Note that their search engine isn’t very good, so I usually search by band name, then try to find the tab of the song I need.

    Once you are comfortable with playing rhythm, try playing lead and burn some solos off your fretboard!

  6. Learn Guitar said:

    The easiest way to learn guitar is by concentrating on the open chord shapes initially. I’d recommend learning the A, D and E chords first. This will not take too long and once you know them you will at least be able to play something.

    There’s a free guide here that teaches you what I think is the easiest and quickest way to learn guitar chords –

  7. OldGuitarMan said:

    There isn’t any easy way to learn guitar, loose weight, get physically fit or save the planet from global warming. All of these take hard work and practice. But a good place to start is to learn the basic chords. Find a few songs to strum along to once you have those chords memorized and mostly mastered. Go out on the net and find song tabs. Example: johnny b goode chord may help you to find the song Johnny B. Goode with the chords and perhaps the tablature for the lead as well.

    But, the most important thing is to be persistent and consistent. Work through whatever difficulties crop up and practice everyday. Treat practice like brushing you teeth or bathing. Try never to miss an opportunity to learn or practice.

    If this sounds to hard then get that kazoo the other guy mentioned. Guitar is not for the faint of heart!

  8. xfollowyourbliss95x said:

    use tabs, sheet music, go to a nearby bookstore and pick up a few books on guitar for beginners, watch other people’s methods or covers on your favorite songs on youtube.


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