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whats the easiest way to learn the guitar?

like how should i start please? ive played the cello and still do but id like to learn guitar

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4 Responses to “whats the easiest way to learn the guitar?”

  1. Brian said :

    i’m pretty sure you can go on youtube and they have tutorials. Thats the easiest way but the right way is for lessons from a real person haha

  2. Megan said :

    Well if you can read music, you can watch how to videos on youtube that help with note locations, bars, etc. For beginners who can’t read music, it is usually easiest to start with Tablature because it corresponds so simply with the strings and bars on the guitar.

  3. ccbam said :

    first, you should go online and find cheat sheets, what i mean is like type into google…easy guitar notes or something like that. and you might find a wbsite that has like all the songs that you love and have very easy ways to play it and it still sounds the same. its like playing “easy” on guitar hero or something.
    second, just go and find someone to take cheap lessons from, or just learn from youtube? you choose

  4. Tom said :

    I’ve fount that the “easiest way” is by learning the very basics first, than practicing them through learning and playing popular songs. This is because playing songs is much more fun and motivating, than practicing the given techniques in their purity.

    But at the end of the day, it all depends on how much you practice.


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