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What’s the hardest instrument to learn? Guitar, Drums or Keyboard?

Me and my friends want to start a band but only one of us has instrument talent. So I’m wondering what instrument would be the hardest learn: Electric Guitar, Drums or Keyboard. And maybe if You could recommend the easiest of the three that would be good too. Thank you.

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6 Responses to “What’s the hardest instrument to learn? Guitar, Drums or Keyboard?”

  1. Michelle C said:

    I’ve never tried drums, but between the guitar and the piano/keyboard, I’d say that playing the piano first really helped with playing the guitar. Makes it easier.

    But guitar can be self-taught easier than the piano. (In my opinion.)

  2. Rich13 said:

    all easy if u want to learn it…

  3. Matt said:

    i play all guaranteed drums is the simplest if you’re learning basic beats and fills.
    keyboard takes serious dedication if your determine seriously that was the toughest for me

    Guitar also takes dedication but in time it will come practice everyday for hours unless your learning notes (which took about a year for me to be able to play along with. Learn tabs of your favorite song’s

    Remember no song is to hard to learn it just takes time and feel free to improvise that’s what make a person an artist at musical talent.

    For me Drums came in few days of practice. to learn the basics getting intermediate took time lots of it a pillow is the best to practice.

    Always remember have fun don’t take anyone’s negative criticism i’ve had lots of it especially by people better than me and in time with dedicated pratice I have surpassed them.

    If i had to pick one instrument to learn quickly :drums
    if i had to pick one to understand music theory keyboard (learning notes)
    dont get me wrong guitar is probrably my favorite to play its kind of like drums but more complex


    P.S. PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the ♥chicken♥ whisperer said:

    i think drums is the easiest to pick up
    guitar would probably be easier to play than piano in the way that you dont really have to learn how to read music properly for guitar
    so yeh… but yeeahh… they all have their ups and downs

  5. Jenny said:

    I think drums is definitely easiest though I don’t play it myself. Guitar to me is harder in the long run but at the very, very beginning, you may pick it up faster.

    I first played the keyboard and then started guitar recently. I think the initial curve is faster with a guitar than with a keyboard (you’ll be stuck with very basic tunes for quite some time with the keyboard but knowing even just a few chords, you can play many songs very quickly on guitar). But, personally, I find guitar harder in the long run. My fingers are small and inflexible and I wonder if I’ll ever be able to some of the things just intermediate players do. Every on in my guitar class that played piano first agreed with me, guitar is harder in general.

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