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What instrument is the easiest to learn? Guitar, Keyboard, or Violin?

My dad has all instruments, and I am currently living with him, and I want to learn as much as I can, but I want to start with the easiest one as I dont know any instruments right now.
And, should I take lessons? Learn by my self?

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7 Responses to “What instrument is the easiest to learn? Guitar, Keyboard, or Violin?”

  1. kaisergirl said :

    Piano/keyboards, WITH lessons.

  2. kabum said :

    There is no such thing as “easiest to learn” because that will vary from person to person. However, given your situation, I would start with a keyboard instrument and learn to read music. That will make learning the other instruments easier. By all means, DO TAKE LESSONS.


  3. Ted A said :

    Guitar is probably the most deep and advanced instrument out of the three and in order to play you need to build alot of finger flexibility and strength, so playing the keyboard is probably your best bet, and with it learn music and music theory which will help alot in guitar and violin. Finally, lessons are extremely valuable and important in order to progress in any instrument.

  4. metal_drummer_guitar said :

    I play guitar and a little bit of keyboard/piano. I think violin would be the hardest because you would have to learn to play with a bow. You could probably learn keyboard the fastest because it is relatively simple. And, if you play keyboard/piano it is the best instrument for learning music theory and stuff like that because you can see all of the notes. I taught myself how to play guitar but lessons do help a lot.

  5. Jessica said :

    Violin is definitely the hardest, but how easy guitar and keyboard are depends on what you’re using them for. Guitar tends to sound better for basic chords, while keyboard is easier when it comes to getting more complex melodies. I would say you should just play around with both, and decide which you’d be more comfortable with. They both require a lot of time to master, but the more instruments you play, the easier it is to pick up other ones. You’ll need to learn a lot of basic music theory anyways, so study that while you’re learning the first instrument, and even use the others to help get a better understanding of the first. I didn’t understand chords near as well on the piano until I learned guitar, but knowing how notes work on the piano helped me understand the fretboard.

    If your dad knows how to play these instruments, get him to help you. I would say learn all you can on your own – there’s a lot of internet resources out there and if you can remain self motivated enough, you’ll learn plenty. If you don’t trust yourself to practice and there’s information you can’t seem to find or understand, try to find at least someone you can talk to about music if not take lessons from. Don’t depend too much on a teacher though – they can only take you so far. If you aren’t practicing or really trying to learn, they’re just taking your money.

  6. Alice said :

    Okey dokey. I would go with either the guitar or keyboard (I recommend a real piano) first, if you want the easiest. Both instruments are fairly self explanatory and you could learn alot on those two with just a book, YouTube, and plenty of patience. They don’t require as much technique and are a good springboard.

    The violin, however, is a whole different ball game. It is a very beautiful, but very complex, very technical, and very hard instrument to pick up. I think that learning the violin will give you the most musical knowledge, focus, and technique that can later be used in playing other instruments. It will help you understand them better. So even though violin is very difficult, I recommend playing it first. But, if you do play it, bear in mind that technique is EVERYTHING and you MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST take lessons.

    The guitar (depending on what you plan on playing it for) is relatively easy to learn without lessons. For the piano, it is easy to learn basics without lessons, but if you want to master it, I recommend finding a teacher.

    So you must consider…violin isn’t the easiest, but you can apply all of it’s techniques to the other two instruments (vibrato on the guitar, trills on the piano, chords, etc.). But it’s up to you as to weather you want to get a base with something you can teach yourself, or something that requires more of a commitment but will reap more reward. The recommend the later.

  7. Mura said :

    Guitar is the easiest, piano next, violin third. If you want to do well, I’d get a teacher, whichever you choose.


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