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easiest way to learn guitar?

i bought an eletric guitar but i don’t know how to use. and i want to learn how. the guitar is a lyon by washburn and i want to play indie music on it.

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5 Responses to “easiest way to learn guitar?”

  1. John S said:

    lessons.also tabs

  2. NJGit said:

    If you want to teach yourself get the book “guitar for dummies”. It’s actually really good. Also check youtoube for free guitar lessons and go to or one of the other guitar sites.

    Taking lessons is a good idea too. If you practice a lot and have a good teacher then you can do really well.

    Whatever you do you have to practice every day.

  3. squelchy said:

    lessons are a good idea,start of with basic chords like E,A,D ect .then you will be able to play simple songs, there is no easy way to learn guitar,some people learn quickly others don’t.just make sure you get lessons and that will make the learning process easier.

  4. chessmaster1018 said:

    I wish that this guitar was acoustic….I tell all my students to start out with acoustic, electric doesn’t sound to good until you know how to play for an easy way to learn….there is no easy way to learn…if there was everyone would want to know what this was…..guitar is not an easy instrument to play, as you’ll soon find out…..the only thing that I can suggest is to learn about ten chords….and strum away….that’s the only thing about guitar that’s not too hard to learn. Otherwise I would suggest to get a teacher…..that’s the best way !!!!! There are lots of sites you can go to to learn if you prefer this, here are a few : (click on the guitar, they also have a free electronic tuner on their homepage, and lots of other interesting things for guitarist)
    Good luck, I hope that something here gets you started, bye !!!!

  5. conie☂ said:

    lessons are great, but if you basically just want to learn chords and such, the internet is fine. tabs are GREAT


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