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WHY should I be bullied into giving up smoking?

as it is my live,my health and money.Why are the alcoholics not seen too,as they cause the most miseries(like women bashing,car accidents etc.)Is this a ploy from the Goverment and Tobacco co. to make us pay each year more for cigarettes?

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7 Responses to “WHY should I be bullied into giving up smoking?”

  1. April H said :

    Darn straight!! I said to a girl at work who was hassling me, “Do you drive a car?” yes. “Compare the size of the exhaust pipe on your car to the size of my cigarette and tell me which one of us is polluting more?” Feel free to use this and pass it on to all your smoking friends.

  2. Aporia said :

    If you’re that concerned about the government, then join a group that is working to fight it. Lashing out at others who want the same freedoms you want is counterproductive and nonsensical, not to mention rude. Surely you don’t see yourself as on the same level as an alcoholic. It would be folly to compare smoking with abusive alcoholism.

    If some stupid individual makes a remark, just say “Thanks for your interest” or say “Hm” or other noncommittal noise with a quick, no-warmth smile, whenever some nosy person says “You know that’s bad for you”. This way they look like the obnoxious Captian Obvious, which is rude, and you look like a person just minding your own business.

    Much better than getting defensive, and that way they won’t mistakenly think they’ve had any effect on you.

  3. Omg?! Really?! Like Really?! OMG said :

    Well alcohol taxing is in the working. They actually are trying to get a MUCH higer alcohol tax. However the gov. is looking at cigs first probably because they are still scared from the whole alcohol rebel things way back when.. but anyways. In general the gov. wants to quit doign stuff that in the long wrong can cause you to be hospitalized, have cancer.. and end up costing the gov. and tax payers A CRAP LOAD OF MONEY to uninsured individuals;.

  4. John73 said :

    Smoking is bad for you, but no, you should not be “bullied” into giving it up. Taxing cigarettes is appropriate because many health consequences develop due to smoking that tax dollars pay to remedy (generally via Medicaid or Medicare). Plainly, these taxes create a disincentive to smoke. However, if you consider the various costs of smoking and still wish to smoke, go ahead. Like you said, it’s your life.

  5. Old Mister Happy said :

    I wish bullying would work, but it won’t. If you ever stop you will be happier, but in the meantime stay away from people who make you unhappy, or tell those people that they have one more chance to leave you alone, or you will throw them out of your life.

    Smoked 25 years, stopped 20 years ago.

    Drank 20 years, smoked 25 years ago.

  6. Tapestry6 said :

    My guy quit 10 years ago because he didn’t want to give the government any more money!
    However, no I don’t think its right how they harass smokers like they are some sort of social lepers yet they think its okay to smoke ‘medical’ marijuana which is a lot worse for you.
    Society as a whole especially our legislators are bullies who let a few harass the many and we are just too darn polite to tell them to get out of our face.
    As long as we let them harass smokers they will harass the overweight, the religious, the moral, the people that don’t bow to their superficial rules and regulations that mean nothing in the next world.

  7. stoned ranger said :

    it’s a revenue game.

    government regulated tobacco is filled with all kinds of additives that make it so much more unhealthy and addictive. then they tax smokers because their lifestyle choice is unhealthy.

    they’ll do the same with manufactured cannabis when it finally gets legalized.

    just do what i did, grow your own tobacco…it’s cheaper, and since you grew it, you know there is no arsenic or anything added. (it’s healthier than store bought cigs, but it’s still not healthy.)

    when i quit i promised myself that i’d never be the guy that complains about people smoking in public.
    i always hated that guy.

    (tapestry, do a bit of research into the subject before ignorantly spouting off about medical cannabis.)


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