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Should I learn to play acoustic guitar before electric?

I’ve never learnt to play an instrument before and would like to learn guitar. Is it best to learn acoustic first? How long does it take to be able to play it reasonably well? (on average)

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5 Responses to “Should I learn to play acoustic guitar before electric?”

  1. antheeaax said :

    its better to learn to play acoustic guitar before the electric; people say you’d play the electric better if you had some knowledge on how to play the acoustic but it depends if you’re a fast learner aswell

  2. George said :

    I learned how to play electric first as a young teen. And now that im a little older i’ve picked up the acoustic style. I found that acoustic is a lot easier to learn. Of course that might have been because of my experience with electric. I could suggest starting with acoustic and learning chords.

  3. my_alias_id said :

    The neck of the acoustic guitar is a 1/4 of an inch wider than the electric. This helps with learning fingering of the chords.

  4. dottedcrotchetquaver said :

    Defo learn acoustic first. I was faced with the same decision a few years ago but chose acoustic and happy now that I did. Learn your basic chords on acoustic and also learn how to read tab. Once you’ve done this you can move onto electric. It’s so much easier having learned the basics on the acoustic. Turns out I preferred the acoustic and barely play electric at all now.!

    Best of luck:-)

  5. Kada said :

    Acoustic is much harder, so if you master the acoustic guitar, you can do miracles on electric.

    My story:
    I started out with acoustic and it felt really hard at start, but then I got used to it and I started learning chords. Then I bought an electric guitar and it felt really light to play some licks that I had a hard time playing on the acoustic. I also fell in love with the sound of the acoustic guitar and now, when I create music, I use both.

    So basically, the acoustic has less frets to play on, a higher action and more tense strings. The neck is also fatter. If you master it, you will have no problems with the electric.


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