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Can I learn to play guitar with no musical background at all?

I’m 32 years old and the last music class I’ve been to was in elementary. Is it possible to learn the electric guitar or would I have to attend a music course on note reading, etc?

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14 Responses to “Can I learn to play guitar with no musical background at all?”

  1. a-ritt said:

    any good music teacher would teach you from the beginning

  2. AnAmericanGoingToCanada said:

    YOUTUBE is your friend. thousands of free lessons, from beginners to advanced, to note reading, just about everything you would ever need. 🙂

  3. I'm Infinite said:

    The only thing you need is talent, and hands with all your fingers, those are a big must, some people are able to learn playing an instrument on their own, some like to take music classes, do whatever you feel is best I guess

  4. Steven Smidley said:

    Yup. Check out they have videos where the guitar tab lights up while it’s being played. They show you how to play songs like Fur Elise by Beethoven and the Super Mario Bros video game music. They also have a good video that shows how to read guitar tab.

  5. Uhlan said:

    “Can I learn to play guitar with no musical background at all?”

    Of course you can. Jess pick up a geetar and start a strummin’.

    Not only do lots of people learn to play guitar with no musical background at all, many of them learn to play guitar with no musical talent at all, either.

  6. Andrew said:

    You can (for better or worse) learn to play guitar with no musical knowledge whatsoever. If you can tap your foot you can play guitar.

  7. Devin said:

    its still very possible to learn guitar. a private teacher is the best way to learn but there is plenty of stuff online to help you learn. the best site ive seen is the guy teaches very slowly so anybody can keep up.

  8. Joseph Hawking said:

    Yes, and don’t let anyone tell you different. Just get some good lessons and you’ll pick it up easily.

    There’s some good beginners’ info here –

  9. Mr.Lucky said:

    it is possible…

  10. Misty Blue said:

    Yep my two youngest sons are self taught.One plays classical guitar exquisitely just for fun and the other plays bass guitar professionally.Only one of them can read music and he’s not the professional.

  11. olderman said:

    Keep your helmet on.
    Just go for it !
    Don’t let anything stop you.
    Find a good guitar teacher and get to work.

  12. mars said:

    Most guitarists can’t read music. Guitar ‘tablature’, and DVD’s are a great way to learn though. Playing guitar in an ‘open tuning’ has a lot shorter learning curve. Play melodies by ear; try to sing what you play (or vice-versa). In standard tuning, there are many songs with only a couple simple first-position chords. The key is to learn gradually; and play properly and consistently. And have fun.

  13. frank said:

    Most musicians I know, and most musicians I play with cannot read music. I have been playing bass guitar for over thirty years. My music reading ability is rudimentary at best. So actually, the ability to read written music is not necessary at all to play guitar. An understanding of music theory is absolutely imperative in my opinion. Any good guitar teacher can explain theory as well as teaching you how to play…To quote The Byrds – “…so ya wanna be a rock & roll star, just listen know to what i say – get yourself an electric guitar and take some time and learn how to play…”

    A very good guitar player friend of mine was once asked if he knew how to read music…his reply was this – “Not well enough to hurt my playing”.

  14. Curtis B said:

    You’re never too old. You should look for instructors through your local guitar store. You can learn to read tab, but it won’t hurt to learn to read music too, and any instructor worthy of the name will teach you to read music while they teach you how to play guitar.


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