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How can i learn to play guitar without lessons?

i’m 17 years old and i want to learn how to play the guitar, but i don’t really have the time to take lessons…i saw a commercial on tv for the “i can play guitar” game for kids. i’d be really interested in something like that but i don’t know if it’s too small…i read that it was specially made for children’s hands…
anyways…please help.

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3 Responses to “How can i learn to play guitar without lessons?”

  1. Angelica said :

    There are many DVD’s available that teach guitar. Also if you have Comcast or Cox cable or anycable that offers OnDemand, under the entertainment section there are guitar lessons for popular songs where you watch and teach yourself. they are pretty cool.

  2. latj said :

    There are a lot of different ways of learning to play the guitar at age 17. Lessons are time consuming and a slower way to go. The “I can play guitar” book and DVD can be purchsed at WalMart and Target. You can also get more advanced books and DVD’s as you progress. This way you are working at your own speed, not a class.
    They do work. I know because my Hubby got a guitar for his b-day and he used it. He’s now playing and loving it.
    Go to music stores and check out the different DVD and book systems they have. There are a lot. The ones in the music stores tend to be more expensive.
    Good Luck on learing to play!!!

  3. Win said :

    Find a teacher through your local music store and take at least six or eight lessons. It will save you months of time.

    Once you have a bit of a foundation and a minimum of bad habits, it’s safe to start off on your own with DVDs and books.


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