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Can you learn to play guitar without knowing chords?

Can you learn to play guitar, or make songs without knowing the chords. I only want opinions of real guitar players, music experts or people that think different from the others.
This is a serious question I have had for many years. Please help me answer it.

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3 Responses to “Can you learn to play guitar without knowing chords?”

  1. Mushroom Man said :

    No, learn about 6-12 chords then learn 2-3 scales, then learn how to read music. No person who plays the guitar doesn’t know their chords. Good luck

  2. Dan said :

    Knowing chords and scales does help. Ive been playing guitar for like 5 years and i didnt learn how to play chords or scales. I just learned songs by reading tabs and you play chords without knowing it. So chords i dont think you need to know. I dont know scales either and i wish i did because its easier to write solos and music. Do you need them? no but it makes everything easier. Still to lazy to learn them lol.

  3. LucasMan said :

    Well playing chords is a pretty big part of playing guitar so…. no?

    You’re basically asking “Can I learn to play guitar without learning jack **** about how to play it?” It seems pretty straightforward to me. You want to play music, you learn about music. You want to play a certain instrument, you learn about that instrument. Where’s the confusion?


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