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Can you learn to play the guitar on your own?

My daughter is 13 and she wants to learn guitar,
could she possibly learn it on her own?

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4 Responses to “Can you learn to play the guitar on your own?”

  1. soultaker686 said:

    I think so. There’s this really great site that teaches you how to play guitar. Just google search “Justin Sandercoe” and click the first one that comes up. Of course you can always donate if you want, but that’s only to keep the site free for people who don’t have the money to donate.

  2. Sin said:

    She sure can! I taught myself at 16. I went out and bought a guitar tablature book of my favorite bands album at the time, Metallica’s Master of Puppets. I studied the book while listening to the songs over and over and before I knew it I was playing the songs, not good at first of course but after months of doing it I got better.

  3. cushioned said:

    yup i was 11 when i had interest in guitar i’m now 13 and can do good in guitar i taught myself all i need to know…

  4. Guit J said:

    Yes, but it is important to have some kind of resources for her to learn from. Such as video lessons, good songs to learn, other guitarists to ask questions and get good answers from. I would recommend this free social sight which has all of these elements among many others for guitarists:
    I would post any questions you might have in the forums…


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