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Did your partner give up smoking/drinking with you while you were pregnant?

Mine didn’t, and now my daughter is 3 months old and I rarely drink or smoke (cigarettes) but my boyfriend still does everyday.

Did your partner give up smoking and/or drinking with you while you were pregnant.

Oh and by the way, I did not drink or smoke while pregnant.
I am not worried about the alcohol passing to my breastmilk, I have done my research and I have only had a beer or 2 after the young one is in bed for the night. Thanks tho.

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21 Responses to “Did your partner give up smoking/drinking with you while you were pregnant?”

  1. I ~♥~ ÃK€¥§ said :

    during my first he gave up smoking or atleast tried his best and he was never really much of a drinker…

    but for this baby now he didnt give up either one, but i dont mind really.

  2. Cookie said :

    Ya right~ I’ve never been a smoker. My husband is though. He didn’t give up either. He’s never smoked in the house, I won’t allow it. I think his drinking actually increased as I was pregnant-no word of a lie. Men handle things differently, maybe I’m alone on this one!

  3. Teeny Beeny said :

    My husband has never been a big drinker, but he did give it up while I was pregnant.

  4. dreamtaker42069 said :

    ha ha ha no he did not. but we dont drink and i dont smoke (cigs) but what are you gonna do it is worse when you are married

  5. lexiloo64 said :

    i hope your baby doesnt get lung cancer

  6. peanut024 said :

    He drank less. He’s not a big drinker anyway. He doesn’t smoke, though. Have you talked to him about it? It sounds like it bothers you. But, that might be just “the way he is” and it might cause friction if you’re not careful how you bring it up. Good luck! That would probably bother me, too.

  7. eml said :

    He didn’t quit smoking while I was pregnant, but quit when the baby came. He never smoked around me while I was pregnant. He didn’t quit drinking, but isn’t a big drinker anyway.

  8. fishes_r_yucky said :

    Mine didnt either … He doesnt drink much anyway and he doesnt smoke cigarettes. I dont really mind. I smoke cigarettes and he hates it I want to quit but just dont have the will power I turn into megabitch when i dont have one for a while especially now. I can get thumbs downs all day but Im not the only one who smokes while pregnant. I have cut back as much as possible and talked to my doctor about it he said if I cant quit to cut back as much as I can. I didnt quit smoking while pregnant with my son either. I never touch alchohol or drugs when Im not pregnant so obviously I dont do it while I am either. BTW i dont let anyone smoke near my son. I dont smoke in the house and never let anyone hold him who is smoking at the time. If I go anywhere and people smoke inside I ask them not to while we are there or we stay outside or leave.

  9. Alyssa's mommy said :

    My husband didn’t drink while I was pregnant. I think he wanted to be 100% in case something happened and he needed to get me to the hospital. He never did quit smoking.

    I never smoked or drank in the first place though, so its not like it was a “you do it too since I have to” situation.

  10. crystal_mooon said :

    I gave up smoking when I was 2 months along – my partner still smokes like a chimmney – he smokes outside now and when it’s -40 out it sure does cut down how much he smokes.
    Neither one of us are/were big drinkers – my son is now 6 months old and I have not had a drink since last new years (oh my, a glass of wine may be in order) Shawn will still drink whenever he wants, but he doesn’t get as wasted as he did before baby.

  11. mom to June <3 said :

    no. Well- He smoked but NEVER EVER EVER around me. which i absolutely hated that he still smoked…but i didn’t nag or pressure the only thing I ever said was ‘cancer sticks’ and drinking…he drank during new years and what not but he didn’t drink much at all. He would drink a beer (if that) if he had a bad day…maybe once a month? haha…

    But since we have had our little girl he has been smoke free for … 7 months! which is how old my daughter is. I’m very proud of him. He never said he was going to quit…it was like ever since we brought Junie home from the hospital he kicked the bad habbit. I’m very proud…because he had been smoking for quite sometime.

    (One time i told my husband…at the time he was my bf…when i was pregnant…i don’t smoke…i don’t drink (occasionally but not when prego.) i try my best to eat healthy and excersice…and i do all of this because our daughter deserves the very best. and i want to see her grow, and her children grow. i want to be able to stay healthy and active bc its the best thing not just for me, but for her. it might make him think. we all know that in our head but he might think about it if you say it out loud.)

  12. Mommy to Lauryn and Sydney said :

    No not for either but it never bothered me the only thing I asked of him was to not smoke in the car, he never smoked in the house anyhow.

  13. NativeCutie80 said :

    My husband drank a beer here and there, but never a lot. If I pushed the issue he wouldn’t have any. He probably hid a few in the garage here and there when I was having a bad day!! In the first few months neither of us had time to drink! And now we are afraid to drink for fear of dropping him or doing something stupid.

  14. Heather said :

    No, he didn’t want to give up any part of the party scene, including drugs, so I dumped his a$$! Sorry, but I may be carrying this baby, but where both having it! Having a drink every once and a while is fine, but going out all the time, not fair!

  15. Lara said :

    my husband didn really quit smoking but would not smoke in the house only when out at work. He would get home and brush his teeth too 🙂 Its very important that the baby does not inhale smoke so u make sure that after every smoke u wash ur mouth and brush ur teeth and clean ur tongue properly. I think u shudn be drinking cause that can pass to ur baby through ur milk. Check with the doctor on this!

  16. Olivia's Mommy <3 said :

    Before I found out I was pregnant my bf used to smoke in the house(which I HATE!)
    Once we found out he started going outside, but never quit. Now that she’s here he only smokes outside and never in the car with the baby. (I hate when I see that)

    I wish he’d quit though! 😉

  17. Tiffany J said :

    he refuses to stop

  18. Shadow hunter said :

    We are not really big drinkers so he didn’t give up alcohol but doesn’t usually drink more than a beer a week. I personally drink maybe 1-2 drinks a month. Same as you I have had a beer or rum after my son was in bed. I have nothing against people who have a beer or two a day but personally I’ve seen the results of excessive alcohol consumption in my family and I think it’s reduced my desire for it.

    As for smoking he didn’t give up smoking at all which I was not happy about. I am hoping to get him to quit soon though for the health benefits and extra $$$ we can save.

  19. Jeremiah's Mommy said :

    Neither of us drink so we didn’t have to worry about that, but we did/do smoke. I quit when I found out I was pregnant, but he didn’t. We agreed when I found out that we would both quit but he didn’t stick to it. I would just make him not smoke around me.

  20. Amanda A said :

    My husband gave up smoking… he had tried and tried before but he couldnt do it until we found out we were pregnant! He is so amazing!

    He didn’t give up having the odd drink… one of us should be having fun! LOL

  21. jesikah said :

    my partner didnt give up drinking he did it at least 2times a week and i mean really binging so i had to look after him when he craweled home early hours of the morning drove me nuts my WHOLE pregnancy hated him for it, stil did it to up until the day i left him 27th sept. but he has cut back alot now drinks maybe once a month if that so i am happy about that:)


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