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my pregnant girlfriend wont give up smoking?

We have read the research into the harm of smoking when pregnant and i know it makes my girlfriend feel awful. she has cut down on her fags from about 10 a day to about 5 but only smokes half at a time. she says it to hard!! what can i do to get her to stop? are you allowed to have nicotine patches when pregnant? if i stop her from smoking she goes mad and smokes a full fag. help?

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12 Responses to “my pregnant girlfriend wont give up smoking?”

  1. tjb1768 said :

    She is just going to have to stop. My girl did the same thing and after awhile she got sick off them so lets hope the same happens to her. Goodluck with things

  2. mammakayla said :

    i think she has done pretty darn good….yes smokiung can harm ur baby….but u know what….i smoked with my first…..i have a 9lbs baby nothing workng with him perfectly helthly…..this time my doc wants to induce me early cause he thinks that i am going to have an ever bigger baby…..and again i smoked the whole time….nothing wrong with this baby soo far…..she has cut back….and they say the worse thing for a pregnant women to do is to quit smoking all together…..imaginw hoq hard it is on her…..well it is 50 times harder on the baby….causing him stress and god know what elese… i think she has done just fine…..give her a little while longer and maybe she will want nothing to do with smoking…u never know!!!

  3. THINK said :

    Stress is also harmful to the baby.

    Lots of people have smoked 20 a day during pregnancy and their children have gone on to be successful.

  4. mom said :

    She could quit cold turkey if she actually cared for her child. Tell her it’s worse than inhaling a cigarette and blowing it into a babies face. If she Truly loves this child she could quit. I have had 2 friends and that got pregnant and they were chain smoking lunatics. They stopped as soon as they found out they were pregnant. It is possible even though it’s hard.

  5. AnonymousAdvice said :

    tell her she is being selfish and her smoking is effecting her child’s life dramatically. if she can’t stop smoking for her own baby in her womb then she is a pretty selfish and uncaring. if there is any motivation that could make someone quit smoking, it’s carrying a baby in your body. that poor child.

  6. Chris said :

    Nicotine patches are a big no no for pregnant women. She may feel awful about smoking but that doesn’t mean it’s going to help her quit at all. She’s cut down and that’s really all you can ask of her at this point. Yes it can harm the baby but if she’s stressing while not smoking because she wants to smoke that can also harm the baby also. So it’s just one of those things that you will just have to accept. She is the one with the baby and she is required to give up all this stuff while she is pregnant and honestly that’s a ton of pressure. I have known plenty of women to smoke their entire pregnancy and their babies were just fine. Just has to be done in moderation. So if you don’t want her to smoke more just let her be with it.

  7. Jess due 12/20!!! said :

    I think eventually she’ll get tired on smoking…that’s what happened to me.

    I quit the day I found out we were pregnant but I’d still go outside with the other smokers on break.

    Eventually the smell made me nauseous and I stopped even going outside.

  8. Wondering said :

    Tell her that every time she smokes The baby does to! Only the baby gets more of the nicotine then her and that’s what makes premature and low weight baby’s and it could have a nicotine addiction when it’s born that will make it scream and cry and throw fits until it’s grown out of the addiction! Tell her if she wants a healthy baby, if she really loves you and that baby she would stop, if that don’t work I would let the doctor know she’s still smoking and he may tell her to stop or give her something to help her stop. You might also search on Google for way to stop smoking when pregnant…

  9. Miranda L said :

    I was pregnent and I smoked. I think I had the misscarriage because of that. my mo smoked with my brother, I had friends when their mom smoked when they where babies too. They didn’t get harmed but mine did. You can asked her doctor, and the patch? I would say no! But IDK talk to a doctor they can help you ALOT

  10. November said :

    It’s hard yeah, I’ve given up smoking after being a total chainsmoker – but that is the sacrifice you have to make when you are carrying a child inside your body who is feeding on everything you take into your system. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I have been trying for a baby for almost a year now with no luck, but it makes me absolutely FURIOUS to think that someone would be blessed with such a treasure and then proceed to do harm to it. I have given up so many bad habits in the past year in the hopes of conceiving a healthy child and I’m not even pregnant yet. Some women just don’t understand how lucky they are. If she had been trying for as long as I have been, she’d realize how lucky she is and she wouldn’t touch a single cigarette. I would never do anything to harm a baby inside me, I’d climb mountains and swim oceans just to give it the best possible chance in life it could have. I don’t get how other women put their own “but I want, I want, me me me” in front of their baby’s needs.

    I would just like to add that the argument of “But the stress from quitting will hurt the baby!” is the biggist pile of crap I’ve ever heard. That’s nothing but selfish reasoning. When was the last time you heard “Oh, the baby died because she quit smoking,” or “The baby was born defective because the mother stopped smoking, tsk tsk.” Baloney. If it’s “so hard,” and “such a shock to the mother’s system” to quit smoking than she should think about how she is making her baby addicted to the same thing she is, and the baby (once it’s born) will eventually have to go through the same withdrawl, shock, and hard time from the sudden nicotine withdrawl. Why would you want to do that to your baby? If you know how hard it is and how much of a shock to your system it is, then why would you want your baby to go through the same thing nine months down the road?

    Sorry my response is more like a rant.
    I would say that it’s a great thing she has cut down. Let her know how amazing you think she is for being able to cut her cigarette intake in half. Instead of being negative about it and saying she should quit, be positive about it and let her know how wonderful it is that she has been able to cut back and maybe it will encourage her to cut back even more, and eventually quit altogether.

  11. ~due 5th Feb 09~ said :

    i know its hard for people to give up smoking but when its because of a baby then most people are able to give up cold turkey, i did. lets hope she realises soon that she needs to stop, good luck x

  12. ProudMomof3 said :

    My Dr. told me not to quit. Quitting causes stress and will harm the baby. So I cut back to 5-7 a day. The result. 3 pregnancies, 3 big and healthy babies. All because I listened to my Dr. His advice benefited my children.
    The best thing to do, is let her go. You’re only putting stress on her and the baby. That’s more harmful than anything.


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