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Do you think you’ll ever give up smoking?

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34 Responses to “Do you think you’ll ever give up smoking?”

  1. freckles2 said :

    I hope so………

  2. soulburner said :

    I’m working on it.

  3. wachirasa said :

    probably when they bury me 6 feet under

  4. mystery2 said :

    i already have.

  5. Diffin said :

    I have been smoking since I was a fetus, therefore.

  6. pregnant hooker ina hospital bed said :

    Yes if I ever get pregnant again I probably will during my pregnancy and start after the 9 months is up.

  7. The Wraith said :

    nope, i aint even gonna try

  8. Kc Mrow said :

    Yes when I get pregnant.

  9. astroeyes2000 said :

    Yes, if it doesn’t kill me first.

  10. ☼SunshineChick☼ said :

    I don’t smoke and i don’t plan on it either.

  11. swallow said :

    did on 02/12/2008!

  12. el duderino said :

    hopefully, but apparently no time soon. Just tried to quit last week. only quit for about 8 hrs.
    I go out to much to quit.

  13. DistortedDreams said :

    Hopefully someday…

  14. 79 Trans Am Man said :

    I doubt it unfortunately.

  15. wingnutmom said :

    I hope so, you know what they say,

    Never Quit, Quiting!

  16. just me said :

    there was a time.but i did give it up 13 years ago and i feel great!
    and thank fully so for the price of a pack of smokes these days,what,4 dollars? i remember when i first started i could get them out of a cigarette machine for 40 cents! yea,i’m 51 years old.

  17. Mr NR King D.C. said :

    never started

  18. AVALON said :

    i dont smoke.i love walking in the rain so it would go out anyway

  19. kim t said :

    I’m working on it !!!!!!!!

  20. Mystic Magic said :

    one day maybe….but not right now

  21. Tayloricious ♥ said :

    i hope so! i am trying to quit

  22. FieldMouse said :

    I did seventeen years ago. Been hooked on nicotine gum since. Accidentally weaned off of it once on vacation. I have no idea why I went back to chewing it. Expensive and stupid.

    It does work, though. I don’t recommend it for long term use…haha.

  23. angel_girl1813 said :

    i dont smoke!

  24. ♥♥ Ben ♥♥ :) said :

    I don’t smoke ! =)

  25. Kakariki said :

    I’ve already given up. Had my last cig. on the 23rd of April, 1996.
    ***Give it up, everyone*** One week of pain and then you’ll be glad you gave it up, forever!
    lol…I know there’s nothing worse than an ex-smoker saying that, but it really is true. There’s short-term pain, but once that initial pain is gone, life is so much better.

  26. SPACEMAN said :

    Does dat mean I have to give up coffee, beer and sex as well !? Cuz to me this goes all in pair.

  27. Tyler said :

    yes…i quit in the summer and start in the winter..its not that hard for me.

  28. Dragon said :

    I gave up smoking over 35 years ago.

  29. Lindy War said :


  30. ♥NLT♥ said :

    I have never smoked before.

  31. Vikingdude said :

    i already did

  32. goatboy said :

    I already have; except crack, I love the crack.

  33. PregoMom3 said :

    I’ve been smoking since I was 16, and that was 23 years ago, and I’m showing no signs of stopping.

  34. Cules 4 life: ASHKON IS BACK said :

    No.. only SMOKING hot girls like MANAL like me…

    takes Manal out for some *hookah*


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