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Why do/don’t you find the “think don’t drink and drive” and “the give up smoking” TV advertisements effective?

I’m mainly interested in the TV ads but if you have opinions of other forms of media on the same ads, i would be grateful to hear them but could you make it clear which media form you’re opinion is based on.

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One Response to “Why do/don’t you find the “think don’t drink and drive” and “the give up smoking” TV advertisements effective?”

  1. Tehtaza said :

    Where I’m at the TV ad’s are ridiculous. People find them so silly that they don’t take the message seriously, it’s more a ::rolls eyes:: thing that they zap past. If you have a serious message that you want to present to people, don’t belittle them, seriously, Don’t. Yeah, you might get an audience among the kindergarten kids, but you know … they are not likely to drink and drive or smoke anyways. Trying to scare people isn’t a great idea either, if you freak people out they’ll keep on zapping and mentally block what you have to say. Very few will actually stop and listen to the message.

    And … as someone that has been a smoker for decades. I know that it’s not good for me. I’ve heard all about it and then some. Do you really think that putting “SMOKING KILLS” on the cigarette packages will make me go “What? It does? I had no idea! I better stop!!!” when all other information I have gotten over the decades hasn’t killed my addiction? Get real. I know it’s not fresh mountain air that I drag into my lungs. I know what it does to the body, I know that it could get me lung cancer and whatnot. I quit at least twice a year and I start all over again just as often. No matter what you say or do I’m still addicted. Wanna make a change? Find way to help people let go of addiction. Telling them the obvious things that they already know really doesn’t change anything.


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