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Has God ever helped any of you give up smoking.?

Giving up smoking is frightening and I just wondered if anyone has got though an addiction with Gods help.

Explain how you called for his help and what happened.

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22 Responses to “Has God ever helped any of you give up smoking.?”

  1. Splash Log said :

    Uh, no. It’s called Nicorette. Not God.

  2. Lilian said :

    God is wonderful and will answer your prayer if you believe what your asking for. God bless you!

  3. Mack said :

    not me…

  4. mizzy said :

    He helped my grandmother!

  5. Jackal said :

    YES! He helped me! I got down on my knees and prayed.

  6. crunchy leaves said :

    Yes, one morning I got up and Jesus had surreptitiously exchanged my Pall Malls for exploding smokes. I quit in a big hurry. Thank you, Jesus!

  7. IanAbsentia said :

    Which “god”? Hypnotism did it for me. 15 years smoke-free!

  8. gertystorrud said :

    Absolutely! He also gave me the common sense not to even think about the cigarette when I start to ‘crave’ one a while back!

  9. No Chance Without Bandwidth said :

    Chamix (Chantix in the US) worked really well for me. It made my cravings manganese.

    Good luck!

  10. Fireball said :

    I did it myself when I wanted a child and I was seeking God at that time. It was 76..

  11. GodsGeneral said :

    The more I smoke, the more my blood pressure heightened. During that time in my life I met my wife and she hated smoking so that motivated me to quit if I was going to have her as my soul mate. God used these events to stop me from smoking. SO I ask you. What is obviously in your face that warns you to stop smoking. Consider the strategies of God.

  12. cork said :


  13. Meredith said :

    Yes, I could not stop smoking. One day I had a very strong sense that I would be stopping, and I believe the Lord told me in my heart that He would give me the strength to do so. He did and that was 20 years ago, praise the

    Lord. He can do that for anyone. Just ask Him, believing, and He can bring it to pass.

  14. DOGGIE said :

    God never helped me. I quit by not smoking. One day I stopped and never did it again. It is all will power and a deep need to be healthy.

  15. Michelle R said :

    I have never smoked, but, according to the bible, I’ll be smoking for all eternity.


    ~ex-xian; atheist

  16. Phoenix Rising said :

    No. I just quit.

    Grow a pair and stop whining. It isn’t heroine.

  17. Izdigger said :

    With God’s help, I started smoking again.

  18. ahzreem said :

    I myself have not quit smoking (by choice). I can see how your relationship with God could be a benefit to your process of giving up smoking. Many people utilize their belief in God to get them through the moment of great temptation. That could be your ‘tool’ as you make this journey. I personally like the saying that God helps those who help themselves, so make sure you understand the process of quitting smoking, reach out to services available in your area to get as much information and access to support groups and the tools available to help you quit. Check with your local human services program or hospital, doctors offices for all types of information. This way, you have done your job to prepare and learn, and when(or if) you have moments of great temptation, you can call on God to help you through those moments.
    There may be cases where people have been miraculously cured of their addictions. That is great! However, don’t count on it. Better to be prepared for the long journey and to be miraculously cured, then to not be prepared, and to fail.
    If you choose to quit smoking, I wish you well. May the force be with you!!

  19. TaZ said :


    I smoked for 18 years. I had no intention of giving up. Once while traveling, I bought a few books from a railway book stall. One of them was a Christian’s biography. In that the protagonist’s grandfather (a retired military officer) prays for the protagonist to be healed from his kleptomania (habit of stealing). As he was praying a voice said in his mind, “you being a great man of 6′ 4″ cannot kick that small cigarette that is less than 4 inches”. Then the grandfather reflected on it and left a life time of smoking. And he said that voice was so deep, and sounded like heavenly.

    Reading this I thought, why, I (though only 5′ 10″) have a weakness towards a 4″ cigarette? And I made a vow to the Lord that day and since then for the last 12 years the thought of smoking never occured.

  20. South said :

    Stop smoking is not easy. The better help that you can find is one that coming from the inner person. Maybe a person is determined to stop smoking, but something arise and start to be an stumbling; but what happen if the person has in mind stop smoking to please his God, and not only for other reason? Truly, doing so will surely help us to endure trials. That was my case, and even if we fall, God will help us to move on.

    (Proverbs 24:16) . . .For the righteous one may fall even seven times, and he will certainly get up; but the wicked ones will be made to stumble by calamity.

  21. ~Sultry~™ said :

    I quit 33 years ago. I knew that I was polluting my body so, as a Christian.. I believed I owed it, NOT just to myself, but also to God as well as my children to quit. Rather than pray for Him to stop me, I resigned myself NOT to, and when I prayed thanked Him for the strength to give it up.

    Take care!

  22. The_Cricket: Thinking Pink! said :

    I quit smoking recently after being a smoker for fourteen years. I haven’t had a cigarette for… 12 days.

    I’m pretty sure that God has given me the motivation to quit smoking, but what’s really helped is just having an attack plan. I’m using an e-cigarette for now (no tar, no tobacco, no smoke, just nicotine and water vapor), and I plan to continually reduce my nicotine until I have no dependence on it anymore.

    I’ve been around smokers since quitting (and in fact, I’m living with a smoker) and it doesn’t bother me. It always did when I quit before. I don’t even miss smoking.


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