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If I’m Left-handed should I learn to play Guitar with a Left-handed Guitar?

I want to start learning to play guitar on the side from my university studies, since I’ve always wanted to know how to play. I’m strongly left-handed though, and I was wondering if I should get a left-handed guitar or if I should just try to learn by using a regular right handed one? Will it be hard for me to get lessons? Is it limiting at all? Do you have any advice?

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4 Responses to “If I’m Left-handed should I learn to play Guitar with a Left-handed Guitar?”

  1. Gene L said:

    I’d go the left-handed guitar route just because it would be that much easier for you to learn how to play.

    Remember, there are/were many famous artists who played left-handed:
    Billy Ray Cyrus
    Jimi Hendrix
    Paul McCartney
    Tony Lommie of Black Sabbath
    Kurt Cobain
    and many more.

    Some guitarists in this category, like Paul McCartney, play both genuine left-handed instruments and right-handed instruments altered for left-handed playing.

    When looking for a teacher, be sure to look for one who specifically teaches left-hand guitar.

  2. Devon said:

    It really doesnt matter wat hand u decide to learn on. Its a preference thing. I my close friend who helped my learn is left handed and plays guitar w/ his rt hand, and he is hella faster than me at everything: alt picking, scales, sweeps, etc.

    Guitar like many other instruments, is based on muscle memory. The more u play, the stronger ur muscle get, and the better control u have. When learning u have just short of no control of ur fingers, so u can take that window to learn w/ ur rt hand if u choose to do so. I can play left handed but since im not used to it, my muscles are too weak to do wat i want them to.

    If u do go rt handed, it’ll be a helluva lot harder to find a guitar in the future, but other than that their are no limits on playin left handed.

  3. KT in Austin said:

    When you start to play, there is no particular advantage from starting with either hand, except… by playing right handed even though you are left handed, you will be using your stronger and more agile hand to perform the hardest tasks, fretting.

    It is also much easier to find right handed guitars than lefties….

  4. HPfan7 said:

    Many people i know are left-handed, and still play guitar with right-handed. I would recommend playing with a right-handed guitar. If you have one or if someone you know does, play around and see if your comfortable using your right hand. If you think you just can’t get used to it, then sure, learn with a left-handed guitar.


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