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Can a lefty learn to play an electric guitar right handed?

I am a lefty and would really like to learn guitar do you need to buy a left handed guitar, of can I just learn with my right hand?

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28 Responses to “Can a lefty learn to play an electric guitar right handed?”

  1. Baaawn said:


  2. BLUEJAY57 said:

    either way

  3. Kim said:

    You should buy a left handed guitar, but if you really can’t, then go ahead and practice playing with a right handed one. But it will be a lot harder…

  4. alyssa nicole =] said:


  5. Mickey Mouse Spears said:

    You can learn with your right hand, but there may be a bit of a learning curve if it doesn’t come naturally to you as playing left handed.

  6. joaco said:

    yes man i did but its realllly hard i play drums 2 so it was easier 4 me but its actually harder..i f ur lefty learn it like a lefty or else itll be to complicated

  7. MyBloodSong said:

    I dont think it matters… all guitars are the same when it comes to dat. =D Just face the guitar the other direction…!

  8. Dana :] said:

    yeah if you practice enough
    im a lefty and I learned how to do like everything else with my right hand. Its weird at first but after awhile it wont be so hard

  9. CountBassE said:

    I am left handed, always have been. However, I play bass right handed. I started this way when I was young and it always felt more comfortable for me. If you learned left handed, it will likely be more difficult.

  10. sf 4 life said:

    wow. just do whatever you want>.-

  11. J C said:

    yes im a lefty nd took guitar class and learned how to play righty…now i find it easier then lefty

  12. peter q said:

    if you practice long enough or work with your right hand long enough u can learn with your right hand. otherwise stick with a left handed guitar

  13. J man said:

    it would be hard to learn to play with the right hand,but no actually you can use a normal guitar just hold it so the neck and head point to the right instead of the left.

  14. eatitupwormshero said:

    Alot of left handed people learn to play guitar right handed. So long as you pick one and stick to it you’ll be fine. You couldn’t say learn guitar left handed for a year and then goto right handed, that’d feel to weird.

  15. nick_candiano said:

    Sure why not? My brother learned how to do it, and he’s left handed naturally.

  16. OneLastRevolutionary said:

    It can be done, but far easier to learn left handed.

  17. itsangelaa said:

    suree. I’m a lefty and i learned how to play the guitar right-handed. it’d much easier if you’re new to the guitar…but you can always learn-it just might take a bit longer

  18. Cooldudett said:

    thats kinda a dumb question (no offence) it might be harder to learn a right handed one if your a lefty but with lots of practice it’ll probably work out. try holding a lefty one, and then a righty one and see wich one feels better

  19. collegenebula said:

    sure … my mother learned to play it as a lefty guitar, but it was a righty guitar… she played with the strings high to low rather than low to high…
    it all depends if you can keep rhythm with your right hand… that is all it is good for…

    I’m a righty and I can play lefty chords properly, but my rhythm in my left hand sucks.

  20. Lester G said:

    It’s just as easy to learn to play righty, and many lefties do exactly that. In fact, if anything fretting is more challenging than strumming so to some extent you would have an advantage. Both of your hands have a job to do so it really doesn’t matter if you learn righty. That has the advantages of a much larger selection of guitars available to you and a large selection of teaching material, virtually all of which is designed for righties. Good luck.

  21. KariMackenzie said:

    you can learn with your right hand.

  22. Julieann said:

    You certainly can learn to play with your right hand. I am a lefty and I did! Many lefties are ambidextrous. It’s funny when people say “no” to answers like these. Weird huh?

  23. SinisterDom said:

    I’m a lefty, and for me it was easier to learn right handed. See what feels correct to you.

  24. andyroo said:


    yeah they can, mainly because they rock and they’re cooler.It will just take time and will be awkward for the first while

  25. clolrly said:

    Arguably, one of the best guitar players of all time, Jimi Hendrix was a lefty that learned to play on a right handed guitar. Don’t be discouraged. If you really want to learn it shouldn’t effect you.

  26. Kab said:

    This is a right handed world. It wasn’t my idea, but that is the way it is. I am sure you do many things right handed and you have survived.
    Something that most players do not think about. Artist and Musician are frequently left handed. It is thought by many that the string instruments were designed originally by lefties because the left hand does all the fingering work.
    If you get into Brass instruments the left hand just holds the instrument and the right does the fingering.
    Woodwinds, Keyboard and a few others use both.
    Unless you are extremely proud of being a Lefty, get a regular guitar. One that you can share with others, and you will be able to try out theirs. This can be a big advantage when upgrading, which we all do a lot.
    Good Luck

  27. Left-T said:

    Hi Stalky

    I am 100% left-handed but learnt the guitar right-handed. so YES, you can learn right-handed. The advatage ? There is one….trust me.

    Since you are left-handed and will use the left-hand to pick your notes, you will have more strength and much moe endurance because of this.

    I started let-handed but switched to right-hand and my left hand has enough strength to play and do pull-off without using the pick.

  28. jeeee said:

    It is possible Y’know! Jimmi Hendrix did it. He was a lefty and played a right handed guitar. (he just played it upside down lol) if you learn to play like that from the beginning you can do it!


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