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Should I learn guitar left or right handed?

Started learning right handed for some time already, but I really wanna learn left handed! Have to convince my parents to get me a left handed guitar though… (guitar i’m learning on is my father’s)

I do have some trouble with the picking, like I keep missing the strings and stuff but I think (alot) more practice might help…
i’m a lefty btw
the main reason I wanna learn left-handed is cause its…um different I guess

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3 Responses to “Should I learn guitar left or right handed?”

  1. gtarczar said :

    Stick with right handed. Left handed guitars cost more. All material for guitar is written from the right hand perspective. As a left handed person you have the advantage of using your stronger more coordinated hand on the neck. I recommend to all my left hand students to learn right handed for these reasons.

  2. said :

    And again, dittos to what Gtarczar has said. Most guitar instruction, including chord formations, are intended for the right-hand guitarist. Why do you want to change simply because Jimi Hendrix broke the mold?

    What’s important is to take what you’ve learned, focus on your known technique, and progress without needless changes to your regimen.

  3. Bacon91 said :

    Definitely stick with right handed playing. As a left handed guitarist, there is alot less of a selection of guitars, and they Are more expensive. I mean there are a few companies that regularly make left handed guitars, but they are on average about $50-150 more, of course depending on the company. And certain companies will make left handed guitars special, but those are ridiculously expensive. Just stick right handed.


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