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Easiest Paramore Song To Learn On The Guitar?

I am learning guitar and I would like to know the easiest song by Paramore.

Perhaps also, easiest Taylor Swift song, Escape The Fate, and Colbie Caillat.

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4 Responses to “Easiest Paramore Song To Learn On The Guitar?”

  1. Frankee said:


  2. Pen Rua said:

    In my opinion, the intro to Decode is simple.

  3. acousticloverrr said:
  4. Fearless said:

    My sister plays guitar and she told me that Paramore – The only exception and Taylor Swift – Jump Then Fall are the easiest.

    Jump then Fall uses the D A G chords over and over repeatedly.

    I’m, not sure about the chords for only exception though.


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