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What is the easiest Green Day song to learn on guitar?

I just bought a guitar today and i love love love green day (the reason i want to learn guitar!) and i want to start learning one of their songs right away…

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6 Responses to “What is the easiest Green Day song to learn on guitar?”

  1. marc said :

    idk bout this being easy but i love playing it and singing it time of your life

  2. The Meanage said :

    21 guns

  3. Thomas M said :

    Brain Stew.

  4. Jackie:) said :

    Well first you’re going to have to know the basics of a guitar. I love playing songs by Greenday on guitar.

    I think the best song is Good Ridance(Time of your Life)

  5. Alex said :

    Definitely “Brain Stew”… It’s 4 Repeated chords and the chorus is the same chords just different strumming! If you can kinda play acoustic. “Time of your life” isn’t too difficult. Strumming is a little awkward for beginners but it was one of the first acoustic songs I ever learned

  6. Green Day Rocks!<3 said :

    definetly brain stew. it has the same chords through the entire song. i could play it when i was like 7 and i didnt even know how to play guitar.


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