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Got to give up smoking on Wednesday. Any helpful ideas to make it easier?

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22 Responses to “Got to give up smoking on Wednesday. Any helpful ideas to make it easier?”

  1. jerry b said :

    try the patch or gum.Good luck and keep trying

  2. Scott said :


    1) first off, when you feel it hard and you crave that cigaratte, think of all the health benefits.

  3. Lex said :

    Replace ur habit of smoking with something else… chew gum, drink juice etc something, anything!

  4. Architect said :

    Just make a festival every week where the main dish is ur Fired-Coal cigeratte box just like cannibals but instead of eatin it u will throw its dust in the air ..

    That should release the stress

  5. dane d said :

    The best way 4 me, was to replace it with some other kind of habbit. So start going to the gym, start walking or just chew nicotene gum until ur addicted to that 😉

  6. ** Stardust ** said :

    Good Luck.I just quit cold turkey,I bought alot of gum.

  7. JT said :

    Why Weds? Well I quit smoking years ago and what I did is got Mints or Hard candy. I know it sounds ridiculous, but every time I wanted a smoke I stuck a candy in my mouth! I even chewed hard candy’s, But it worked! And I smoked a pack or more a day. Try it!

  8. evly said :

    Good Luck….x

  9. Jersey Attitude said :

    I wanted to wish you all the luck in the world!! I work for pulmonary doctors (lung docs) and they’ve said that the best chance you’ll have is to use every possible therapy you can together. Go to your doctor and ask him which ones you can use together…. some aren’t safe to use with other ones BUT if what you are using isn’t working, DON’T GIVE UP!!!! Go back to the doctor and tell them. They’ll help you through it and give you something else to make it easier.

    I’ve heard from other people who’ve quit that the first three days are the absolute hardest. Think about it. That’s really not that long of a time. It’s gonna seem like it when you’re going through it but once you get through it, it’ll all be worth it. Best of luck to you and if you slip up, don’t give up, just keep trying again…. it’ll be worth it!!!

  10. Jonah said :

    keep yourself busy!! even the most casual of smokers will chain smoke if they are bored.
    if you aren’t doing anything then make sure you have something to do with your hands, like a gameboy type thing, just anything to keep your hands busy. or, have something to chew like a lolly, gum or sweets.

    a good idea is to tell EVERYONE that you are giving up smoking, that way if you think you’re gonna cave and have a cigarette – everyone will know you couldn’t do it and think you are such a loser. it sounds weird but it will give you a reason to not want to smoke and to prove everyone who thinks you can’t do it wrong. good luck.

  11. Kat's back up! said :

    I found the worst trigger to make me start again was alcohol, so steer clear from the booze at first. good luck 😉

  12. jrsygrl said :

    Everything I have tried doesn’t work on me but I do know some people who have quite using the patch, good luck, XXX

  13. SteveC back to the grind again said :

    Chantix is really good


  14. miss ellie said :

    I am so happy to hear this. I have COPD from smoking for 43 years. I used CHANTIX to quit. IT WORKED. Ask you doctor for some advice. You will be so much more happy!


  15. Dani said :

    I got hypnotized once and quit for 3 months until I let someone smoke in the house. Then I was mad one day and borrowed a smoke and started up again. I never thought it would work like it did. Good luck.

  16. Elsie B said :

    Start running. Or rollerblading. Or something else that will make you appreciate your regained breath 🙂

  17. Jane Doe said :

    Just get stubborn, I quit cold turkey, be prepared to get gnarly, ha ha.

    Every day , reward yourself with something. Stay clear of eating to much, I gained , everything tastes so good once you quit. Been 3 years now , missed it for a year, now, no way.

    You will notice right away that you will hate the smell of it, I still love the smell of tobacco, and sniff a buds pack when I can, I know its weird but hey, I’m not smoking any more lol

    You can do this, if I could, any one can!!! Congrats!

  18. Kiwigirl said :

    Good luck!…gum…gum..!!

  19. frostbite2 said :

    i quit cold turkey and used chewing on straws as a substitute.

    my ISO has 2 co-workers that were successful with laser therapy. (they shoot a laser on your ear)

    good luck

  20. Basketcase 2 said :

    Think of your child, don’t give up giving up…one day it will work and who may just be now…

  21. BlueBelle Got Spanked by Fletch! said :

    Just find something bigger and better to occupy your hands (and mouth).

  22. Danilo said :

    Your own will and help of people that suduronrs you. Medicines will only free you from smoke and acid substances in him (profits worth its cost). The prescription to smaller the dose of nicotine can be used without medicine by simple increasing change of smoked cigarettes till no per day. All depends on your will. If you screw you can blame anyone you want like someone who smoked around you when hunger for nicotine was taking control on your hands Its your health, life and healthy attractive look. Now your choice References : -1Was this answer helpful?


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