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Any ideas on how to give up smoking?

A few people have suggested hypnotism might work….some have said to “Go cold turkey”, but it would take too long to become addicted to heroin, and cut into my smoking time.

The best Idea I have so far is to take one cigarette from each new pack, and stick the filtered end up a big fat persons butt, and then replacing it in the box.

The possibility of getting that one, SHOULD, put me off smoking any of them.

What do you think?

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14 Responses to “Any ideas on how to give up smoking?”

  1. MajesticTOASTER said :


    Don’t start.

  2. Paul RN said :


  3. Dez said :

    You can only quite if you really want to quite and if you really want it than cold turkey is gonna be the best route

  4. layla b said :

    i think you have to stop buying cigarittes . and stop smoking
    that’s all i know.:)

  5. Meatpupette said :

    i would hope that everyone would have the self discipline to quit…cold turkey…i did.

  6. BreeBree said :

    I have been trying to quit. I did for 3 weeks due to a cold, cause when I get sick, I dont smoke. But becoming sick would be miserable. Try the patch, or candy, and since we use our hands and fingers to smoke, find something to keep them busy. Also try to buy a pack a week. And smoke fewer a day. This will probably help much. It has been for me. Also having support from loved ones.

  7. XarDaS said :

    Just find the strength inside of you..Cut it like you start it.. Find the self control to do what you want not what the ciggar wants to!
    I cut it just like that 🙂 i have been smoking 2 years..
    Ok i wanted to smoke but i didnt care about it..i just said i want to cut it and its i jsut cut it..just like that..i had found the strength inside of me:)

  8. grnismom said :

    If you are truly serious about quitting smoking, making jokes won’t cut it. Your question doesn’t sound like you really are taking this seriously. Smoking is a very difficult habit to break, especially when others around you are doing it too. When you are serious about it, rephrase your question to reflect a more mature attitude. Then you might get a more helpful answer.

  9. lovebug said :

    try cutting back the number of cigarettes you smoke on a day and chewing gum or sucking on hard candy when you feel the need for a cigarette.

  10. kafirdog said :

    Its very simple – just stop.

  11. Lilly and Kazzy's Mommy said :

    If you placed it up a hot person’s butt would you still want to smoke it? How about you place it up your own butt?

    Or, you could try Chantix. That’s how I quit. I won’t post a link because I don’t want to look like I’m spamming, but you can google it.

    That stuff works! Seriously!

  12. Schmeckel Deckel said :

    Arrrgh, my brother, I have not smoked since this past October and still the siren call is in my ear… just one more lovely cigarette… takes care of all your existential despair… just the one….

    Used the gum this time and dedicated it to the kids who deserve better from me…

  13. ElectronicCigFan said :

    Stopping smoking cigarettes was one of the best decisions I ever made, I feel healthier, more energetic and a lot more fit.

  14. Vivien said :

    Cold turkey – and a lot of dogged DETERMINATION !!! – and you will get there then.


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