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How can I learn to play the guitar?

I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar, but I have never been able to. We cannot afford an instructor, money is tight. I have tried the instructional books, but they have not helped me any. I cannot tune a guitar. Can anyone give advice on how to learn guitar?

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5 Responses to “How can I learn to play the guitar?”

  1. zephyr said :

    i dunno im in the same boat as you m8

  2. Jmo79 said :

    there are a bunch of online tuning pitches and tutorials on sites like and you can also look at chord diagrams, and figure out a mnemonic device or acronym to learn the strings like..
    Elephants And Dogs Grow Big Ears.. that’s what I used for the deepest to highest strings… EADGBE. its really not a hard instrument to learn if you practice and keep learning new chords and putting them together. i’d recommend learning C, F, A, G and D first as far as chords go, they seem to be the most common ones.

  3. sunshynea16 said :

    Well you can buy books and Cds that are for beginners, Its going to take a lot of time and practice it’s not an overnight thing. My brother taught himself how to play the guitar and he is just 13

  4. madville birdman said :

    If you have a keyboard you can tune your guitar. The strings from top to bottom are E A D G B E.
    I learned by ear and practiced alot. Today I can play anything.

  5. spazmkitty said :

    I used this site:

    It has a lot on the theory, how it works, etc. A lot of background information that you may want to jump around, but I found that it worked out for me.

    This site is also one to check out:


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