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How did you learn to play guitar on your own?

i took guitar lessons for 2 years. but my teacher only taught me some chords and strums. i wanna be able to read tabs and make up my own melody lines. what helped you?

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5 Responses to “How did you learn to play guitar on your own?”

  1. Cherry Poppins said:
  2. Paper Dreams Honey said:

    I just googled “guitar lessons” and found lectures how to read tabs.. It helped me to write some things down, like which finger to use, the names of the strings etc etc
    to make up melodies just strum some chords, be experimental =)
    have fun

  3. Jacques T said:

    Well, I just started, but I can play a few songs already, it’s been 2 weeks.

    One guy that helped me a lot:

    Follow his instructions and it’s smooth sailing from then on!

  4. Matt said:

    A friend of mine just googled the tabs for a song he wanted you can just type in guitar tabs for (song) and it should give you a diagram and you can teach yourself like that.

  5. Ralph said:

    My best advice is: play with your ears and don’t worry too much about theory. If something sounds good then it’s good. Yngwie Malmsteen always says: play with your ears and he knows what he’s talking about. Cheers.


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