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how do i to learn to play guitar?

well my friend let me have his guitar like a year ago and its been collecting dust because of some broken strings, now i finally thought of playing it and bought some strings, its been 2 weeks and it feels like im getting nowhere with the guitar. im teaching myself and its pretty hard, any other ways, or advice??
oh and its an electric guitar, thinking about buying a small amp
one more thing, i cant take lessons, no way, i have no money to spend and no ride

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5 Responses to “how do i to learn to play guitar?”

  1. Chelsea K said:

    take lessons! i tried to learn from a DVD and books to teach myself, but i didn’t start catching on until i had someone sitting next to me showing me what to do and correcting me if i did it wrong. a teacher is the best way to go!

  2. Kayla said:

    try and find someone who already knows how to play and ask them to teach you. its worth a shot.

  3. Big D said:

    You will find lots of useful guitar lessons and information here – it works on an “honour system”. If you can afford to pay for the lessons then please donate for what you use – imagine it was a pay site. If you can’t afford to donate it is no problem at all – the site is free for you :). Updates and new material is pretty much donation dependant. Donations give me more time away from paid work to develop this site and make new lessons and features. BIG THANKS in advance 🙂

  4. Garrett said:

    well, I’m completely self taught. I consider myself to be a pretty good guitarist for just a year.

    So the thing is, start with the open chords: E, D, A, C, G, Em.
    If you understand how to read tabs, check out this site: and look up your favorite songs!

    Learn the minor blues pentatonic scale (just google it) and build little licks off of that.

    Don’t give up on yourself, 2 weeks? I was like, nowhere in 2 weeks.

    it came naturally for me, good luck 😀

  5. Dillon said:

    Best way to do it. Teach yourself. Took me months to figure out how to put chords together. Taking lessons as a beginner can do one of to things- teach you music theory or teach you how your teacher’s style is played. When you teach yourself, you gain your own style and ability to play. 2 weeks is nothing compared to what many professional musicians have played in there 10-40 years of experience. Excuse my language, but the sh** does NOT come over night, much less two weeks. You will get nowhere fast, but in that journey to nowhere you will find a road to where you pick up the knack for music.

    The BEST thing you can do is keep doing it. Im 2 years in the making, and still very much an amateur. Dont give up on what you want to do. If you want to play..then play. It’s not something that anyone can do. No one, and i mean no one can pick up a guitar and automatically play jimi hendrix without mistakes. Even the best of the best need practice. So keep on keepin’ on man. Do it yourself and then get professional help once you have developed the “you” in your music.


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