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How do you train a dog not to be overly friendly?

Whenever I have friends over my dog will not leave them alone. He gets very excited when new people are over and wants as much attention as he can get. How can I train him to ignore people that are over?

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6 Responses to “How do you train a dog not to be overly friendly?”

  1. anthony d said :

    well if he is jumping on them then you have a problem you just have to yell at him and tell him no mabe a little pat on the butt but if he is just sniffing them i would just let it go. if he is a new pup its just because he is young. when he grows older he will not do that anymore

  2. Daphane said :

    Put him away when people are over. Its not a good thing to make a dog less friendly. Many people out there with aggressive or moody dogs wish they had a dog like yours.
    Be happy that hes so friendly, trying to make him mean in anyway could backfire badly. You don’t want him biting the people who come over.

  3. AzureLynn said :

    Best thing to do is crate train him to start to set boundaries with him. Do training sessions with your friends present – they can help you if you ask them. And talk to a professional trainer for techniques you can use that are safe for you, friends and the pup.

  4. decbaby8303 said :

    truely you have to train people to ignore him. hes excited because people come in and say hi to him and then just goes crazy. he needs to beable to sit on command or at least stay on command. when people come in the door, explain to them that they should not make eye contact, or talk to the dog until he has calmed down and layed down. Only at that time can he be called over and payed attention to. you can even practice it. Have people come in, if he gets too excited, make them leave. Then make him sit, and then try it again. If he goes crazy again, have them walk out and make him sit, he needs to learn to stay and to listen to you. Then your guests need to learn to ignore him till he is calm and submissive. good luck

  5. DogDaze said :

    O.B.E.D.I.E.N.C.E. Train your dog so you can put him in a down/stay and mind his manners!

  6. k9partnership said :

    Being overly friendly is actually a great problem to have – better that then a dog that is fearful or aggressive to unfamiliar people.

    A behavior change program always involve “marrying” management and training at the initial phase of learning.

    Using pure management is one way to keep your dog from molesting your guests but he wont learn what you want him to do which is “chill” and learn how to settle.

    A) you can put him away in a room, outside, crate – let your guests in – then bring him in on a leash and then tether him to something strong – no access to people

    B) recruit your friends / family to help when they come over to work on a 1-2 minute self-control exercise – he should be on leash and reward him for- reducing his arousal level and doing better behavior such as keeping 4 paws on the ground, sitting…etc. Your guests should be neutral and not pay attention to him

    Taking a CGC prep group class course would be a good idea or hire a professional for a couple of private-one on one training to address this specific situation.

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