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Should I learn playing the normal guitar before i learn to play the electric guitar, or is it unnecessary?

I have no experience in any guitar and I decided to start learning. I prefer the electric guitar to the normal guitar. Now, most people tell me I should first learn the normal, and then star the electric guitar. I’m confused… PLEASE HELP!!!:((

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15 Responses to “Should I learn playing the normal guitar before i learn to play the electric guitar, or is it unnecessary?”

  1. Zap said :

    The acoustic guitar is not abnormal… 8^|

  2. Arianrhod said :

    Yep, definitely learn normal first.

  3. rockgirlfury said :

    NO, it is not s big deal when i was a kid, and my husband and his band no one started with that… there is no logical reason for it i dont think.

  4. Del Piero 10 said :

    Go straight to the electric. You can get some habits on an acoustic that will hold you back on electric. Good guitar tutors these days teach electric if you want to take lessons.

  5. i need 2 no said :

    I herd that 2 that its better to learn how to play acoustic first. Something about the pressure you put on the strings and its easier to hear the note on the acoustic when first learning.

  6. Jaywolves said :

    Yes. Learning on an acoustic will give you more powerful fingering for the electric when you decide to move over. Also, it’s more of a challenge to play an acoustic. A wider/fatter fret-board, more distance from the strings to the fret-board… Also, the strings are a bit beefier. Your fingers will callouse faster and you’ll gain more strength on the acoustic. This is not an easy instrument to play. Stick with it, practice A LOT. At first, practicing about 30 minutes will be all your fingers and hands can even stand. After awhile you’ll build yourself up so that you can play for an hour or more and really work on your technique. Don’t start on the electric. Move to an electric once you are comfortable with the acoustic, there will be less of a learning curve.

  7. Madeline C said :

    It is not necessary,you can learn electric first. They are played in practically the same way.

  8. Catherine M said :

    you should learn how to play the normal one first but if you want to play the electric first if you want

  9. dolthara said :

    my boyfriend plays both… the accoustic is great because you have to press on the strings harder so it is a better workout when practicing, plus if you just want play around & not mess with plugging things in then the accoustic is easier. He likes the sound of both, but if you really don’t have any interest in the sound of an accoustic & don’t think you’ll use it for recording or performances & only think you’ll use the electric, then there really is no sense in spending the money on both, go straight to the electric. Just make sure you get a good amp & effects unit, don’t waste your money getting a cheapy then upgrading later like a lot of first timers do.

  10. chessmaster1018 said :

    I’ve been playing for over thirty five years and I’ve told a lot of students the same thing, some listen, some don’t, but most that get an electric guitar are sorry, there’s nothing worst then hearing an electric guitar played by someone who doesn’t know how to play, it’s not a pretty sound, and most students don’t like it either, get and acoustic, even an electric acoustic if you like, that way when you do learn to play you can plug it in ! Yamaha has a great sounding one for about $250.00, and on sale even less, if not on sale ask the clerk for a deal, they sometimes take off as much as thirty dollars, good luck !!!

  11. bonstermonster20 said :

    I find that it is easier to play the acoustic guitar, but you can be taught on both. It is really your preference…

  12. chrisy K said :

    Good question.

    Although it is a little easier on acoustic (because theres no electric tones) the strings are thicker…so you’ll find them harder to press ( also make her fingers hurt more) That is unless, you get other strings. But who can bother?

    I personally play electric. And I’v seen alto of people who stick with electric rather than givin up in ration ot Acoustic player…I mean if you wanna play acoustic-ly…you can get a amp with that setting/acoustic pedal.

    But in the end, it depends on the type of music you like to play.

    Rock n Role/ Blues/Punk/Metal/Funk- Electric.

    Country/Jazz/ Contemporary/ Classical/Spanish,ect.-Acoustic.

    ^^. Hope that helps!

  13. jenn said :

    I agree with Jaywolves…acoustic is harder to get a good sound with. If you learn on acoustic, electric will be a breeze when you pick it up.

  14. Joey M said :

    Well i learned on an electric guitar and i can play acoustic fine it really doesent matter.. most amps you can switch to clean(no distortion) so it gives off an acoustic sound.. so if you prefer electric guitars go for it’ Download guitar pro version 5 and start shreddin.. good luck

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