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How shoud I learn to play guitar?????

I am going to teach myself how to play the guitar. I bought a book it has how to actually read music in it. It seems hard. A couple of my friends suggest I just learn tabliture. Which makes more sense to me. I am not in a band or ever intend to write music notes. I am simply learning to play just to have fun and play cover songs. Please give me advice if you playt the guitar on what I should do. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10 Responses to “How shoud I learn to play guitar?????”

  1. MetalxLord said :

    just pick up the guitar and try to make noise. as crazy as that sounds. i picked up the guitar at around the age of 11. acoustic. i just tried to make any noise i could. as you go along try to learn tableture, its the easiest way to start off if you have no musical background. the first thing i learned was the intro to Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. its simple and very gratifying once you have it down. look it up on and work your way up. down give up. you’ll get frustrated at times, but its worth while in the end. hope this helped 😀

  2. hexv said :

    This site has some free video lessons for absolute beginners and assume you know nothing or close to nothing. There’s lessons on chords, scales, technique and how to read guitar tabs.

  3. AgriCult said :

    Just learn the following chords: A, A minor, E, E minor, D, C, G, and B minor, and that’s about all you need for 90% of all songs ever written.

    Then you must practice switching between the chords until your fingers just do it automatically. It takes a week or two, try to do it without looking. You’ll be playing songs in no time! Start with Tablature- it’s just an above view of the guitar with dots where your fingers go.

  4. notylerhere said :

    Although tabulature is good to know and easy to learn, it is commonly seen as the easy way out. You may not plan on doing anything with music, but I never planned that either. Playing an instrument is captivating, and it’s all the fun you could ask for.

    You won’t have a problem skipping over sheet music and just reading tabs, but you will never be able to go to a music school such as Berklee. I regret not learning sheet music, and I have been playing guitar for 9 years. It’s one of those things that is more difficult to learn farther down the line.

  5. Kab said :

    Learning the Guitar
    You need a course of instruction.
    The best way is with a private teacher
    2nd would be class lessons
    3rd regularly get together with other guitar players
    or if you absolutely will or can not do the above, Buy a book on how to play the guitar and follow it religiously.
    last would be to find some free online lessons and skip around in them doing what YOU think you want to do next.
    Guitar is one of the world’s most popular instruments.
    It is easy to take with you.
    It has a sound that people like.
    It can be use in almost any type of music.
    Almost anyone can learn to play it.
    Simple music is easily played after only a few days or weeks.
    You can continue to learn new and challenging music forever.

  6. said :

    Coinciding the replies of others to your question I would emphasize the need to learn how to read (and write) music notation. You may not now be in a band or even consider composing, but with the knowledge of music theory you will have the advantage over others. With that knowledge, you can eventually learn how to play the classics, the Blues, Country, Flamenco, Jazz, and other genres. Don’t limit yourself, nor depend upon tablature to get you through to expertise. I see tablature as a weak excuse in playing and a method that will dull the building of your talent.

    Take some lessons from one that can recognize the talent within you and then explore your possibilities. You can be a diesel mechanic by trade, but still move beyond expectations in the music field.

    The training exercises of reading music in your book are an excellent way to get started. Don’t expect to run before you crawl. Playing guitar well, just as it is in any endeavor, takes time and much effort. There are no instant guitar players, despite the claims on the Internet.

  7. stephanie said :

    Learn the basics. I have this article that might help you an scan there. Good luck:)

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