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I want to learn to play acoustic guitar. Where should I start? What kind of guitar should I start off with?

Yep, it’s summer, and that means more time to learn guitar. Can anyone give me tips on how I should start off? I have never played guitar before, only piano. Should I purchase a guitar right off? If so, what kind/brand/model? Should I take classes or should I learn it by myself?

Thanks in advance, all you guitar players, I look up to you!

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3 Responses to “I want to learn to play acoustic guitar. Where should I start? What kind of guitar should I start off with?”

  1. Mycroft said :

    Best thing to do is this:

    1. Decide what your budget will be.
    2. Go to some music shops in your home town, and try all of the accoustic guitars in your budget range. See which ones are easy to fret, which neck size suits your hands, and which sounds good/bad (not a big deal at this point, really). Notes should sound cleanly when fretted, no buzzing. Buy the one that is easiest to play and sounds good.
    3. Leave room in your budget for some sort of case, an extra set of strings, a string winder for restringing, and an electronic tuner.

  2. ♠šCep†ΩЯque♠ said :

    Here’s my golden tip for you…

    1. Choose a the right guitar for you.

    In your stage, you should have first the unamplified guitar, or that simple guitar. You need not to worry the brand. You need not to buy the costly one. Just make sure that when you press the guitar fret, it’s soft for your fingers and the sound is great.

    2. Know your favorite song/s

    The best way to learn easily is to play whatever songs that you like. In that way, you can now familiarize the chords/fretting of the songs

    3. Do not overpressure yourself

    Just keep playing the guitar at the right tempo and timing. Don’t try first the plucking. Practice first your strummings..

    4. Let your fingers sore!!!

    Letting your fingers sore will make it more hard and strong to hold onto the frets. For about a week and a half.

    5. I myself didn’t had lessons. But not to brag, I can play songs by ear. Just familiarize the chords!! Because guitars is all about chords chords chords!!! But i advice you also to have a guitar teacher(like me) because they can suggest something to enhance your skills.

    6. Honestly speaking, playing the guitar is not all about just playing it.You should learn how to play it with your heart! Just keep playing a song after song. Then after a few weeks, you could memorize the chords the easiest way.!

    -If you need song’s guitar chords and tablatures. just visit and search the song you want to learn.

    -If you want to know the chords:

    -If you have questions, just email me ( and im happy to answer you.!!

    Goodluck on your guitar adventures.!!!!

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