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I want to learn to play guitar, how should i start?

what’s the fastest way to learn how to play acoustic guitar? Give me some links with instructions or chords plz if u can
thanks in advance

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5 Responses to “I want to learn to play guitar, how should i start?”

  1. Up There said :

    You can’t learn fast, you have to get things step by step. Chord Progressions will take you awhile depending on how fast you can move and change chords. So you “have” to take it slow. You can google in Free acoustic guitar lessons and a whole bunch of links would pop up.

  2. heeboy3 said :

    Get yourself a basic guitar and a finger chart.

    Learn three chords at first, G, C, and D. You can play most any song with these chords.

    Practice changing between these three chords.

    When you are comfortable playing your favorite song. Learn three new chords and play the song in those chords.

    Most of all – don’t work too hard at it, make sure you enjoy it!

  3. The Lord of Love said :

    there are millions of books of chords and techniques for guitar out there…, get a beginners book and go take a few basic lessons from a music teacher or store…….practice, practice, practice, but dont give up cause the tips of your fingers hurt….takes time to develope callouses on the ends……good luck…….happy strumming…..

  4. Jeremy V said :

    I know one learning kit that can help you (It helped me A LOT). Here, check it out

    Good luck!

  5. nick said :

    man what is with people these days everyone wants to learn to play in one night… guitar takes work and practice


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