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is it hard to learn/play guitar?

I have really long fingers, so, everyone said I should play piano. I don’t take lessons I learn online from (go Shawn!!!) my dad told me I have good guitar fingers, so, I’m considering it. My grandpa and uncle both play, so I can get free lessons. I just want to know if it’s hard (harder than piano?)

thanks 🙂
I also rock at guitar hero 🙂 lol

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5 Responses to “is it hard to learn/play guitar?”

  1. Derek said:

    it takes devotion dont buy a guitar and leave it in the corner for years you have to be in to it and love it. its harder than piano but gives you your own style everyone plays different. the way you play guitar describes who you are..

  2. Mr C. said:

    well the thing about guitar is most give up within the first month normally
    the longer u play the easier and funner it gets so its about dedication
    ive never played piano but i love guitar

  3. j0n r4ng said:

    Guitar Hero is not guitar.

    Personally I could never play piano, but guitar and bass came naturally to me.

    It’s all about how much time you want to spend, if you practice you will most likely get good, if not then you won’t.

  4. Gurlie said:

    Not harder than piano, if you haven’t been playing for that long. My step-dad went from piano/synthesizer to guitar and he loves it and is currently learning bass.

    You should go for it, I love guitar. My friend plays and I’m learning. My friend is uncoordinated, usually, and dumb. She conquered it.
    Good luck, if you pursue it!

  5. laker8raider80 said:

    In my opinion, the piano is harder. I’ve been playing guitar for two years and though I’m not amazing, it does impress people. Your long fingers will help with chords and solos (when you get there). I wanted to give up when I couldn’t change chords fast enough but after I conquered that I was golden.

    I think piano is harder in the sense that you focus on both your hands. I’ve been trying to learn piano and it seems way more difficult then when I started guitar. In guitar you focus on one hand while your other strums/picks.

    I believe your Guitar Hero pwnage will give you an advantage because your fingers won’t be as stiff.


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