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Is it possible to learn to play guitar in under 2 weeks?

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13 Responses to “Is it possible to learn to play guitar in under 2 weeks?”

  1. DINC said:

    maybe if you already know another instrument of that type but other wise no.

  2. phoebe r said:

    would like to know if possible? probably not unless you have already aquired the knowledge of how to read music and/or already been playing a similar string instrument (ie: banjo?lol).

  3. j t said:

    A whole generation did it- it’s called punk rock. 3 chords and a dream, baby!

  4. Annabella said:

    Well, Sid Vicious did. So why not you? But careful you don’t end up like him.

  5. Nick said:

    You’ll need to put some serious dedication into learning, if you don’t know how to read music, then you’ll have to stick to TAB sheets until you get the basics of playing the guitar down. For actually learning the guitar though… I suggest going to the store and buying a CD that teaches you.

  6. lachlan m said:

    If you have any musical knowledge or something, then i would say so. It depends what you mean by “Learning” you can know all about guitar and what to do, it’s just a matter of getting your fingers to go with your brain.

    If you’ve never touched another instrument and don’t really know music, then no. Why? 🙂

  7. guitarpicker56 said:

    Usually it takes two weeks to harden the calluses sufficiently beyond the pain threshold. Once that is accomplished it is up to the guitarist to advance at his or her own level.

    I’d say three months is a realistic goal to achieve for most players.

    Added: Apparently, the person giving me a thumbs-down doesn’t believe I know what I’m talking about. The rest can judge for yourselves.

  8. Damian M said:

    It depends on what you want to learn and how good you want to be. If you just want to know a few basic chords and put them together for a few songs then you could do it within a few days. If you want to be able to read guitar tabliture and do Yngwie Malmsteen-style solos then it will take a bit longer! If you have a friend who already plays guitar then this is the best route to take – as learning from the Internet can be a bit arkward.

  9. dude said:

    well if u want 2 go good then the answer is NO
    if u want 2 be OK then yeah it’s possible.

  10. richard t said:

    Arch fingers. use #1 on first fret, first string, then firat finger on first fret 2nd string. First basic chord is G7, second chord is C Maj. Try C to G7 to C to G7 and you have the start of a song like I Should of Known Better by the beatles. Just stum on the strings 3,2,1 more or less and it will work. If you can’t master this in 2 hours I quit. Get a good basic chord chart and learn to play basic chords in patterns like C, F, G, and G, C, D. Get a guitar teacher to get started because it will help a lot! I only took a few lessons and did the rest my self and now play on stage all the time and they say I can really rock. Maybe so, arch those fingers and practice!

  11. chessmaster1018 said:

    Not as far as I’m concerned. Think about it, if I were to say to you “could I learn to play the piano in under two weeks ?” I don’t think so. Maybe if you were a fast learner you could learn three cords and learn to strum a little but not well, unless you already have a musical ability, or if it’s in your genes to play, like a prodigy. You have to develop callous on your fingers so that you can play without pain, and that in itself could take weeks, also your muscles have to be developed so that you don’t get cramps or pain. You didn’t say if you had experience with another instrument like say piano, it so maybe you would be able to understand the concept of music, but playing it is another story !!! I taught myself to type, got a book and worked at it everyday for three months, I followed the books instructions to a tee and after three months could type 48 words a minute, I think typing is a lot easier than playing a guitar and that took three months, do you see my point, if your attempting this I wish you luck, if you make it let us all know, I’ll be curious !!!!!

  12. Raw Rock Kills said:


  13. cconsaul said:

    Anything is possible, depending on your prior experience, dexterity, what type of guitar you own, what level of playing you are striving for, how much time you are willing to devote every day, and who you are relying on as a teacher or mentor.

    Are you likely to learn to play well in that given period of time? No!

    Are you likely to burn out because you have thrown your life out of balance, will have succumbed to blisters, (especially if you are playing a steel stringed guitar) and will have developed an aversion to picking up the instrument based on the amount of sheer frustration you have generated inside yourself? Yes, very likely!

    Is this something you really want to do to yourself? Do you often issue yourself these little challenges just to set yourself up for disappointment?
    Only you can answer that question.

    Guitar is like friendship. It has to be approached cautiously, in small doses t first, we have to learn to develop a thick skin in some areas and a dedication that comes very close to obsession in others. It ha to be cultivated on a nearly daily basis, and the relationship has to grow and flourish, not burn quickly and die. I hope this helps, and I hope we see you back here asking for advice. I hope you don’t give up on the idea of learning based on anything you have read, but I also hope you apply these same principles to other areas in your life where they may also profit you. Best of luck in any case.

    < << On a side note >>>

    Guitarpicker, I don’t have any idea who would give you a thumbs down. That was a decent answer and it wasn’t spiteful or hurtful in any way. It was also a heck of a lot more concise than mine was. All I could do is give you a thumbs up, hope that helps a little. Always good seeing you on the boards and I hope you don’t mind that I added you as a contact. You never know when I might want to ask you a question directly.


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