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if i wanted to learn to play guitar ?

do i only need to memorize chords to be able to learn guitar by myself?

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5 Responses to “if i wanted to learn to play guitar ?”

  1. Josh J said:

    u need to know chords and notes to play guitar good

  2. doug0102 said:

    If you have a very good musical ear, you can learn to play an instrument by yourself. There are a lot of musicians, who never took a lesson, BUT taking lessons never hurt anybody.

  3. Erinx said:


    There is so much more to that.

    If you want to become a proper guitarist, you need to learn scales, notes, technique, etc.

    Chords will get you no-where; except from to be able to play a few songs chorus. I mean…. how many songs only play chords???

  4. skcave said:

    It depends on what you want to do with it. If you want to mainly sing and accompany yourself ,then chords will be mostly what you need.
    They are a good starting point anyway, but if you want to play lead and riffs you will need to learn how to play single notes.
    Hope this helps

  5. said:

    Most accomplished guitarist know how to read the guitar musical staff. By accomplished I mean a guitarist that can pick a page of sheet music for a song or musical piece he/she never heard before
    and play it.

    Then there many guitar players that play “by ear” and are limited to chord-playing. There is nothing wrong with play only “by ear” (It takes a real talent that not very many players have) but you are limited to learn the musical number by “imitating” what you hear and the “sound” you are “imitating” may not be an accurate interpretation of the music as written by the author.

    Many popular players (the late Ricky Nelson) started out knowing just a few chords and nevertheless was very sucessful in the music business.
    He did have very good help from guitarist that knew how to “cover” for him and did not affected his fame.

    Like some said in this forum, If you are happy with learning a few chords just to play for yourself, good,
    go for it but at least learn how musical chords are form and the “circle of five” basic knowledge of major and minor keys.

    One easy-read yet very expanatory book for beginner guitarist is: “How To Play Guitar” – Everything You Need To Know To Play The Guitar – by Roger Evans
    Cost $10.95 at your local book store or they can order it for you.

    The guitar is a beautiful-sounding instrument and you will benefit and enjoy it more if you learn a little bit more than chords to play it.

    Enjoy your new musical playing.


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