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Learn to play guitar?

I just got my first electric guitar and want to teach myself how to play. I have no guitar experience what so ever. I know how to read tab and was just wondering if i can learn to play just by reading the tabs and practicing them; or do i have to know chords or other things to learn to play?

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4 Responses to “Learn to play guitar?”

  1. MS said:

    get a guitar teacher. i would also suggest beginning to learn on a classical guitar it’s much easier.

  2. Choppinsumwood said:

    what would you like play? first, buy some books if you cant afforda a teacher. other than that, listen to the greats. I dont know what genre your most interested in but I’d like to recommend these folks from all kinds of genres. Maybe Youtube em. have fun! =)

    Chuck Berry
    Steve Vai
    Bireli Lagrene
    Django Reinhardt
    Joe Pass
    Raul Midon

  3. Dan L said:

    try spytunes, it’s free, and it works

  4. lexo80 said:

    If you know how to read tab, what’s stopping you? Get in there and have a go!

    My experience was that I learned scales and melodies first, and put the chords together by myself later. I also strongly advise you to start playing by ear – listen closely to your favourite recordings, learn the melodies so you can sing them accurately, and then learn to play the melodies. I can’t emphasise too much how important it is to be able to pick up things by ear. I am studying jazz and I can’t believe that most of the books are designed for people who can only read music, not remember melodies after a couple of listens.

    I advise you to learn to read music, btw. Tab is only useful for guitarists, but if you can read music you can read music written for any instrument.


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