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should i give up smoking?

and whats the best way? WILLPOWER…?

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18 Responses to “should i give up smoking?”

  1. Firefly said:


    Cold Turkey


  2. SOOTY CAT said:


  3. ecj said:

    yes please

  4. hilllbillly_gal said:

    Yessssssss you should!
    Cold turkey……… I did it and i’ve been smoke free for over 4 years.

  5. Ben K said:

    No die young and feel unhealthy. Cigarettes are slow suicide-why do you hate yourself?

  6. michael m said:

    absolutely, and to give up you need to find out when you want a ciggarette the most. If it is in the morning, drink something instead of smoking, just think, I can live this day without a ciggarette and when you wake up the next morning youll say, thank god I didn’t smoke yesterday.

  7. Kid Pecatonica said:

    cigs. not weed

  8. submissive_playmate said:

    i don’t know i never started

  9. angelofclarity said:

    Of course not, keep on killing yourself one cigarette at a time…

    LOL did you feel the sarcasm there

    Seriously, quitting is gonna be really hard but it’ll be worth it I’m sure you can do it… everybody I know did

  10. Demonica™ said:


  11. Harry Spider said:

    Yes – unless you really *like* cancer & emphysema. And willpower is the best way. Make up you mind what you want to do and do it. If you want to quit smoking, then tell yourself that you ARE a non-smoker. There’s no “stepping down” involved. Jump, land solid, and be done with it. When tempted to smoke, remind yourself that you are a non-smoker and non-smokers don’t smoke. Take control of your life, and kick the habit square in the teeth.

  12. ras1959 ♥ said:

    I quit 3&1/2years ago.
    Of course I was in the hospital for 2 weeks with a chest tube in cuz I collapsed a lung.
    I smoked close to 3 packs a day.
    Sure learned my lesson!!

  13. Socrate said:

    Yes… and that’s an easy answer to give…

    willpower is always the only real way to do it! All that other stuff might help… but in the end… YOU really have to want it. It’s a tought battle, but not if you are ready to take it front on…. don’t make excuses for yourselves… oh I’m not ready… oh I’m stressed… that’s all bullshit. If you want to live longer and better… taste your meals and enjoy the pink of you lungs…. gets some balls and just do it!!!

    If you have a real hard time… inform yourself, there are hot lines for when you have cravings… and if you have the greens… always ask your doctor because they have really good medicine to help you now… but it costs!!! But remember, in the end… it remains your battle and all that stuff is just extra little help. You have to do it!

  14. $Big-Money$ said:

    just look up on the internet: How to quit smoking

  15. Rex said:

    yes you should give up smoking.
    it is bad for you.

  16. Sara Z said:

    There are many ways that you can quit…Cold turkey is one way but there is others. there is nicotine patches and the gum… Since cigartes have stuff in it like choclate and caffine in it so that it is more addicting… What helped is by drink anything with caffine in it or keep something in your mouth at all times like gum… and eat chocolate…
    Below, some tips to help you quit smoking are listed. First and foremost, set a quit date and quit COMPLETELY on that day. To prepare for that day:

    Identify the times you are most likely to smoke. For example, do you tend to smoke when feeling stressed? When you are out at night with friends? While you are drinking coffee? When you are bored? While you are driving?
    Keep a diary to help you determine such risky times. Record each time you have a cigarette, including time of day and what you are doing.
    Make a plan about what you will do instead of smoking at those times that you are most likely to smoke. For example, drink tea instead of coffee — tea may not trigger the desire for a cigarette. Or, take a walk when feeling stressed. Remove ashtrays and cigarettes from the car. Place pretzels or hard candies there instead. Pretend-smoke with a straw.
    Let all of your friends, family, and co-workers know of your plan to stop smoking and your quit date. Just being aware that they know can be a helpful reminder and motivator.
    Prior to your quit date, start reducing your cigarette use, including decreasing the number and strength of the cigarettes. However, DON’T do this simply to make your diary “look good!” Get rid of all of your cigarettes just prior to the quit date and clean out anything that smells like smoke, such as clothes and furniture.
    Other tips that can help you quit and stay quit include:

    Enroll in a smoking cessation program (hospitals, health departments, community centers, and work sites frequently offer programs).
    Ask your health care provider for advice, including whether prescription medications (such as bupropion — Zyban or Wellbutrin) are safe and appropriate for you.
    Find out about nicotine patches, gum, and sprays.
    Try hypnosis — it works for some people.
    Avoid smoke-filled settings and situations in which you are more likely to smoke.
    Exercise to relieve urges to smoke.

    It is going to be tough but hang in there..I am routing for you….
    P.s. I had to watch 2 brother and my grandparents and my parents do it….so i know that you can!!!!!

  17. blondie said:

    I was a smoker for 15 years a 2 pack a day habit and i just quit last week!I done it for my kids so id be around a little longer for them and my health the second reason!And its hard let me tell ya i loved to smoke and its been almost 2 weeks and im still wanting one but i dont do it i try and do something else when im having a bad withdraw attack.So i bought some nicerette gum the strongest they sold and i have to say it really helps it gives you nicotine without having to light up a cigg .Yes nicotine is addicting but you cant just quit cold turky most of the time that happens you go right back to smoking i know ive tried to quit 3 times in the 15 years i was smoking and twice was cold turkey!You have to wean yourself off of ciggs and that gum helps you do that and it claims by week 12 you will not want anymore cigs cause it weans you off slowly then week 12 your not even really chewing anymore gum.I do like it and you should try that it will make it alot easier on you,and they have a patch too if you dont want to chew the gum.The gum is ti be chewed 30 minutes and you cant eat or drink anything while your chewing it.And you cna chew any where from 10 to 12 pieces a day and you just work your way down to less and less gum.BUt give it a shot ,its worth having a healty body good luck and i wish ya the best it will be a tuff road ahead but have faith and believe in yourself and you can do it!

  18. Dale Jarrett all the way said:

    yes will power and gum


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