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best way to give up smoking ? (for ex smokers)?

i’m trying to give up smoking , i have tried the patches, i have tried the gum, and the tablets but it made me drowsy or am i best carrying on smoking or should i just not use anything….

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4 Responses to “best way to give up smoking ? (for ex smokers)?”

  1. do you know me? said :

    Every bad habit will mostly likely get replaced by another. If you really want to quit just replace the habit with a different one you can stand. I replaced mine with eating twizzler bites, between the hand to mouth contact and the fact that my ex smoked alot and was able to gross me out enough to quit, I quit cold turkey 6 yrs ago and never went back.
    U have to really want to quit, be disgusted by it and learn to deal with the loss of a habit or replace it. There’s not just one trick it’s a combo of things that work for you

  2. kylie said :

    don’t buy anymore cigerets because if u see them ur gonna keep buying them just if u see them think of them as death in a box…

  3. ray_diator said :

    It’s up to you whether you carry on smoking or not. If you continue smoking though, you may get a smoking related illness and face premature death. Smoking damages your health and your wealth.

    It can take a while to reach the place where you feel secure that you no longer have the desire to smoke. Some people continue to get the occasional desire several years after quitting.

    There isn’t a best way to give up smoking – everyone has find the method that works for them. I gradually reduced over 3 months and substituted cigarettes with nicotine lozenges. I now take sugar free Polo to compensate for the loss of the nicotine lozenges.

  4. eloquent said :

    see your doctor about Chantix.


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