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Trying to give up smoking.nicotine replacements not working.What else can I take?

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4 Responses to “Trying to give up smoking.nicotine replacements not working.What else can I take?”

  1. poutine said :

    Buy baby carrots and keep them in the fridge. Also make celery sticks. When you need a smoke, suck on the celery stick, and eat a baby carrot.

    I did that for 2 weeks and haven’t smoked in years now.

  2. j13 said :

    Go talk to your Doctor if you want to quit smoking cigarettes he will probably give you something to take so you do not have any urges to smoke, I am a non smoker and I pray for you to stop and good luck it is better off that you stop you will be a better person for you and your family, That will be a big step in life for you I think it take three days of your life span. Good Luck TO you You can Do it Be positive.

  3. SKG R said :

    Take up YOGA seriously,learn from level 1 to 7 and practice daily.

  4. Seragilo said :

    Reformed smoker here!

    You must remember that it will not be easy and that’s the toughest thing to get over. Talk to your doctor to see what is right for you, I used the patch and found it to be very helpful.
    However…my family hated me and the cats did not come out from under the bed for 3 weeks!!!!

    Carry around everything you can to help you over the first few weeks, gum, water bottle, hard candies…fresh veggies and fruit help as well, for you will find yourself reaching for food as a comfort….its all about the hand to mouth repetition you have to get over too.

    Good luck to you!


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